5 Best Comics That Have Been Converted Into Movies

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Comic books like Marvel and DC have been around since the 1930s. Since then, they have been responsible for famous comics such as Batman, Spider-Man, and X-Men, among many more.

The first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the first Iron Man film, was released in 2008.

Marvel films have ruled the box office with unrivaled commercial success in barely over a decade.

When it comes to comic book adaptations for cinema, Marvel and DC movies frequently take the lead since the series generates multiple blockbuster successes each year.

But, aside from Marvel and DC, there is a whole universe of excellent, often underappreciated, comics that have been made into films. Today, we’ll look at the top 5 such movies.

Top 5 Comics That Have Been Converted Into Movies

Comic book adaptations had a delayed start on the big screen. However, there has been a rise in the number of adaptations in cinemas as they grow more successful and continue to appeal to and establish a passionate and committed following.

We’ll mention the top 5 movies that are adapted from comics, and you can download all of them from the pirate bay.

1. The Mask

Dark Horse Comics released the first part of writers Doug Mahnke and artist John Arcudi’s limited series ‘The Mask’ in 1991.

The original series included three volumes – The Mask, The Mask Returns, and The Mask Strikes Back – and ended in 1995, although further installments and spin-offs followed.

While the comic book series was still in its heyday, a film adaptation of the narrative was released in theatres in 1994.

The film was titled The Mask, and it starred Jim Carrey as Stanley Ipkiss, a goofy bank clerk whose life is permanently transformed when he discovers the titular demonic mask.

2. Persepolis

The first Persepolis graphic novel, published in 2000, chronicled author and illustrator Marjane Satrapi’s childhood and experiences growing up during the Islamic Revolution.

A sequel, published in 2004, later followed Persepolis, and a cinematic version, also titled Persepolis, was produced in 2007.

Both the novels and the film adaptation of Persepolis are still relevant today, thanks to their profound social criticism.

The narrative is ageless, and it was masterfully animated in a memorable film.

3. Oldboy

Oldboy is based on the manga series Nobuaki Minegishi and Garon Tsuchiya. It was initially published in 1996

As the tale is complicated and deep, bringing it to life on the big screen was not a simple feat.

However, filmmaker Park Chan-wook transformed the Oldboy series into the highly acclaimed and award-winning film of the same name in 2003.

Dark Horse Comics just translated the manga and released it in the United States.

4. Hellboy

Hellboy originally appeared in miniseries and one-shots in 1993, before the first full-length graphic novel, Hellboy: Seed Of Destruction was published by Dark Horse Comics in 1994.

The first of several Hellboy film adaptations were released in theatres in 2004.

Hellboy is a character from Dark Horse Comics, neither DC nor Marvel; nevertheless, Dark Horse Comics does collaborate with DC.

Therefore Hellboy’s universe has previously melded with DC’s. He was initially given to DC Comics, and he has appeared among DC characters, yet he comes from a whole other fictitious reality.

5. Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Julie Maroh wrote and drew the comic novel Le bleu is une couleur chaude, which was initially released in 2010. Blue Is The Warmest Color was later released in English in 2013.

The graphic novel earned widespread acclaim and was converted into a film the same year released in English.

The film adaptation of Blue Is the Warmest Color premiered at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival and was written in French with English subtitles.

The film stayed faithful to its original material, being as dismal and heartbreaking as the graphic novel of the same name. Despite its gloomy nature, this narrative is regarded as legendary to this day.

Wrapping It Up

Fantastic comic books influenced so many incredible films.

Although growing trust in comic book adaptations resulted in increased production, which resulted in some of the finest live-action superhero movies, it also resulted in some of the best films of the last few decades, which don’t belong to the superhero genre.

If you want to know more about these movies, you can ping us in the comment box.

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