Artificial Intelligence: It Is The Future Also For Marketing, But Few Use It

Artificial intelligence future of marketing

    The state of things

    Artificial intelligence future of marketing. Reading the survey results by Inside Marketing, “77% of company managers believe in the importance of applying AI to the organization. 52% of business leaders then admit that this knowledge is not widespread within their company and that AI is unclear to many”. 

    This survey makes it clear that marketing professionals need to learn more about the relationship between artificial intelligence and marketing. And they have no awareness of its potential for application to the corporate context.

    74% of respondents knew that it is possible to integrate artificial intelligence and marketing, but only 52% of marketers knew the most accurate meaning of the expression “artificial intelligence.”

    The rest of the sample was familiar with concepts like robots, chatbots, and big data but needed clarification on how to relate them to artificial intelligence.

    Lacks clarity and consistent use

    So, on the one hand, artificial intelligence is increasingly present in online conversations and in the press. On the other, a certain obscurity persists regarding its true essence, the mechanisms that characterize it, and how it is possible to give it a role within corporate activities, including marketing.

    So: AI is the future of marketing; how do we explain it?


    Intelligent algorithms and advanced marketing

    In this regard, it is already evident how intelligent algorithms can make marketing, strategies, communication, and tools; with them, economic results evolve because these make a difference for everyone.

    Some disciplines apply the tools of intelligent algorithms to marketing, bringing results: such as marketing automation, which often makes the difference in applying a strategy.

    In 2023 the budgets allocated to new technologies by the marketing departments have, on average, a consistency of investments equal to that of the IT departments. And the upward trend is evident.

    Personalization dynamics

    Digital marketing is also connected to technological solutions that allow you to work alongside online or e-commerce promotion campaigns, having them governed directly by intelligent algorithms.

    This enhances personalization dynamics, which are a fundamental element for the evolution of the relationship between those offering services or products and the public.


    The results? Increase the conversion rate of consumers (63%), and improve their experience (61%).

    Therefore, it is fascinating for marketing professionals to know in depth about artificial intelligence and its potential.

    For those who work in the communication sector, it is also strategic to enter more into the specifics of the relationship between artificial intelligence and marketing: a relationship with opportunities yet to be explored and of sure interest for the business development of our companies.

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