The Country You Go To, The Geolocation You Find.

Geolocation is a significant chapter of marketing automation for e-commerce. Knowing the geographical position from which users navigate allows you to understand many things about their intentions, doubts, and the type of product they are interested in. Obviously, this offers a competitive advantage over those e-commerce sites that instead treat users from different countries similarly. […]

Create Dynamic Reports And Dashboards With Data Studio.

Data Studio: Compulsive stamping of tables and pasting them on Powerpoint pages (which inevitably shrink, making what is inside incomprehensible) or exporting pdfs directly from Analytics (and then losing track of them between emails and cloud folders) are solutions that present a main problem: newly created, the reports are already old. This translates into junk […]

Artificial Intelligence In The Company: How To Adapt It To Work Better

Artificial intelligence in the company is a fundamental tool for maintaining and improving competitiveness. From virtual assistants to process automation, we see some interesting SME options. For several years, bringing AI into the company has been one of the big trends in the world of technology. In 2022, a Observatory recorded a record year for […]

Technology And Business: How To Leverage Digital To Boost Profits

Not just efficiency: the combination of technology and business directly affects profits. Here are three hypotheses to consider. The relationship between technology and business has always been very close. Companies have been undertaking digitization paths for decades to maximize operational efficiency. Every organization bases its productivity on processes stratified over the years and often needs […]

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