Cloud Backup

Cloud backup: what it is Cloud Backup allows you to copy data to servers located in remote Data Centers so that our information can be kept even during breakdowns or disasters. The off-site server can be hosted in a proprietary cloud or with a public cloud service provider, which charges customers for the storage and […]

Podcast: Talking About The Brand Generates Leads Of Value

Tell yourself to generate qualified leads. The dream of all companies? Tell yourself to generate qualified leads. And thus, having a direct relationship with your customers, an intimate relationship to maximize the presentation of the products and the recognition of the brand. Because, as they say, with the “podcast: telling the brand generates leads.” Utopia? […]

How Asynchronous Learning Can Aid Your Spiritual Journey

Embracing a spiritual journey can take on many different forms, including online courses, reading material, and in-app guidance. What is the difference between synchronous vs. asynchronous learning? While synchronous learning has some advantages because of the benefit of a live teacher sharing examples and interacting with all participants in real-time, asynchronous online learning gives students […]

Sustainability Report: A Virtuous Path Supported By Communication

Communicating with sustainability is a critical factor for companies. Sharing one’s initiatives to protect the environment, the approach adopted toward workers, and one’s positive relationship with the territory and its communities is a distinctive factor. It immerses the organization that identifies it in the reality in which it operates. And so he manages to give […]

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