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Create Dynamic Reports And Dashboards With Data Studio.

Data Studio: Compulsive stamping of tables and pasting them on Powerpoint pages (which inevitably shrink, making what is inside incomprehensible) or exporting pdfs directly from Analytics (and then losing track of them between emails and cloud folders) are solutions that present a main problem: newly created, the reports are already old. This translates into junk […]

Personas Analysis: Who Is Behind The Number?

Analyze the Personas before investing in digital marketing Personas Analysis, In the panorama of digital marketing, the role of the consumer is becoming increasingly central. A consumer with new habits, needs, possibilities, and, above all, new expectations. For this reason, the traditional analysis of a generic target audience is no longer enough, so the analysis […]

What Is It, And How To Do Social Listening

Listening to everything that happens around the brand is essential to interact perfectly with users. Here’s how to do Social Listening in the best way. Listening, analyzing, improving. This is the essence of Social Listening, the social monitoring activity that allows companies to improve their results and intercept the right customers. Which social networks should […]

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