A Digital Strategy For Franchisors

A Digital Strategy For Franchisors

The opportunities offered by the web are endless, but do franchises take advantage of them?

Digital Strategy, In crisis or recovery, some sectors remain booming. One of these is franchising, which in Italy has increased by over 10% in the last six years. This data speaks volumes compared to many conclusions.

Creating a brand is not a simple undertaking and is within everyone’s reach. For this reason, small and medium-sized retailers, not having a structured strength to create a brand with consolidated values, choose not to take risks in a “new entrepreneurial attempt.” Too many commitments, too many responsibilities, too many risks of failure.

In a period of high consideration of brand reputation and high competitiveness, in a market increasingly looking for new stability, relying on those who have already studied and designed these fundamental aspects of communication could represent an optimal solution to open a new business trade more serenely.

We have carried out specific analyses of the audience potentially interested in opening a business as a franchisee, and we have drawn very specific profiles to structure a targeted digital strategy.

Using Google Adwords, we started by analyzing certain keywords such as:

  • “open a franchise”;
  • “open a clothing franchise”;
  • “advantages of opening a franchise”;
  • “which franchise to open.”

The average is 5,000 searches for the month of September 2015, a sharp increase compared to the previous months.

We then studied user traffic on certain industry sites, such as labor franchising, millionaire, and top franchising. Using the Google display planner, we went back to measuring and composing traffic.

Based on these data, the “personas” (archetypes created at the table to define their customers) who are most interested in the topic of the franchise are included in the 25-44 range, mostly women who surf mainly from mobile devices (all data other than irrelevant when it comes to positioning and adv formats).

Subsequently, we directed our analysis to another of the powerful tools of the web, Facebook Insight Audience, a source of infinite and invaluable information within reach of strategy. Our analysis shows that there are, in Italy alone, more than one million active people on Facebook who have shown interest in franchising.

But who are these people?

We find confirmation of the 25-44 range and the higher percentage of women than men.

In a society where emancipation is always current and always longed for, the strong female presence indicates a growth in the entrepreneurial spirit in women, who approach franchising as a source of autonomy at low risk and cost.

Where do they come from?

The highest percentage remains in Milan, followed by Rome and Naples. But the exponential increase in interest in this topic can be seen in Campania, a region that retains an entrepreneurial spirit that finds its winning ally in franchising despite the crises, problems, and unfavorable climate.

Great business people, such as franchisors, cannot miss a good digital strategy.

What do we know about them?

Mostly they belong to the management, sales, administration, and production sectors. 50% are married, a fact that speaks volumes about identifying the franchise as a safe and stable source of investment.

These important data led us to simulate the first Facebook ads campaign and to find the results. The test campaigns we carried out were divided by product category to observe which of the many responded most to our stimulus.

The data found is very interesting, and the acquisition of new potential customers with an appropriate digital strategy can work.

We are in a world where the web plays a fundamental and even decisive role.

A good digital strategy cannot be missing from great business people such as franchisors.

A winning strategy from the start, where the goal is not to be known but simply to be found. A ready-to-use market in which there is a strong conscious demand just waiting to be satisfied.

Because out there, on the web, there is a huge number of potential franchisees “in disarray” who are just waiting to be channeled in the right direction: yours.

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