Branding: The Corporate Brand Strategy With Which To Achieve Success

Brand Strategy

When it comes to branding, most people think of a corporate image, a symbol, some colours, and striking elements that remind one of a company, a product or a service. Certainly, a good image is in itself a good cover letter, as is also a piece of music or a character, but it is because it transmits ‘something’, suggests ‘something’, raises ‘something’ A corporate brand is much more than what we see.

The owner of a shoe store believes that he sells shoes, he insists on thinking about how he can make potential customers who pass his window end up buying a pair of shoes. The offers, campaigns or specific promotions that they do attract buyers who take advantage of the bargain but who over time forget even where they bought that pair of shoes. Well, that shoemaker is wrong; what he really sells is his brand.

The Success Of Your Brand: Your Corporate Image

The key to the success of your business is the corporate image silks creened on the store awning, the decoration of the premises, the type of light, the shop window, the arrangement of the shoes but also, the customer service, the relationship with suppliers, the work environment and, more importantly, for their values ​​and personality.

The values ​​and personality of a brand constitute the essence and the starting point for its development and positioning. Values, internally, help to make decisions, know the course to be set, create a team, define the way of working and, externally, condition the visual image, the corporate image, but also the perceived image, how users relate to the brand. Commitment, innovation, integrity, quality, responsibility, kindness, trust many values can be defined and on them build the identity of a company, product or service. This is not a simple task, and should not be taken lightly, as it has a major impact on the success of your business. That’s why many business owners decide to go with a digital branding company that can meet all of their needs and help them achieve great results through professional branding services.

Do Brands Have A Personality?

As legal persons, brands also have life, and they have their own history that, as for the rest of the natural persons, conditions and shapes their personality. This aspect is very important because it forms the basis of the relationship with the customer, suppliers and employees. A corporate brand can be innocent, warlike, wise or rebellious because it has personality. And here we have the manna and the promised land. Here we have the way to achieve the difference in the market and the distinction with the rest of the brands.

Therefore, when you want to create or rethink a corporate brand, you must start by defining the values, the essence, the personality and looking for your own history. This constitutes the basis for the development of the corporate image, to know which typeface is appropriate, what colours are aligned, how the decoration of the premises and work spaces should be, etc. As well as, the relationships with the environment, users, suppliers and employees.

All that remains is to position the corporate brand, communicate it, create a reputation, develop a digital and trans media strategy. Almost nothing, right? This must be done internally and externally. Define the SWOT, know the weaknesses to reinforce them, the threats to counteract them, the strengths to enhance them and the opportunities to achieve them. It is done internally by creating a team aligned with the values ​​and externally by making the customer a participant in the story so that they identify with the brand and remember where they bought the shoes.

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