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Generative AI Is A Major Source Of Concern For CISOs

Recently, generative AI has taken center stage in the cybersecurity community. While many employees already use it daily to write emails or blog articles, CISOs are apprehensive about its integration into their technology stack. Their fears are justified: CISOs need precise, secure, and responsible generative AI. However, a question arises: Is current technology ready to […]

Cybersecurity: The Impact Of Detection Rate On Organizational Risk

The rise of remote work has widened the battlefield against cyber threats. Faced with a growing attack surface, businesses must plan for the unpredictable and guard against costly disruptions. In this context, the detection rate becomes an essential performance criterion for cybersecurity solutions. How does this rate influence protection against cyberattacks, and what financial repercussions […]

Data Security: What You Need To Do To Protect Yourself

The digital dimension in which companies operate today requires greater attention to IT security both due to the criticality of data in the business and the continuous evolution of threats. The security of data and systems is the prerequisite for business continuity, maintaining customer confidence in brands and products, and avoiding incurring heavy legal penalties […]

Why Use Data Encryption? The Practical Reasons

Data encryption is a fundamental element in corporate security, providing basic and strategic protection in case other barriers fail. The concept of corporate security refers, in general, to all the solutions and infrastructures put in place to avoid intrusions, to compensate for the fail-over of individual resources, and, no less importantly, to all the strategies […]

Logistics And Security: Watch Out For Cyber Risk

Logistics And Security, The transport, storage, and delivery sectors were the top three targets most severely hit by cyber-attacks in 2020, together with the banking sector. Cyber threats target the transport sector, and cyber criminals are sometimes even “sponsored” by a state in the form of unfair competition to reduce competing countries’ logistics and supply […]

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