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How To Keep Your Crypto Wallet Secure

With over 5,000 different cryptocurrencies available today, there is no doubt that digital money is here to stay. Cryptocurrency, also referred to as an encrypted and decentralized digital payment system, continues to gain momentum as investors and stakeholders look into its potential to revolutionize more than just the financial industry. Blockchain technology, which manages and […]

Information Of Over 500 Million Facebook Users Was Leaked

According to a US media “Business Insider” report on the 4th, recently, the data of more than 500 million Facebook users was uploaded to a “low-level hacker forum”, which involved private information such as the user’s phone number and residential address. It is free to be accessed by people with basic data skills. The disclosure […]

Do Social Networks Spy On us?

Social Networks, When I was preparing this article for my intervention in the radio program, I remembered the episode of the Black Mirror series entitled Shut Up. I don’t know if you’ve seen it (spoiler eye). The protagonist is the victim of blackmail. Someone, through malicious software, has entered your computer and recorded your privacy. […]

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