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Online Newspapers And Content: How To Improve Positioning?

The unnoticed revolution Online Newspapers, There is a transformation that continues, undeterred, to generate a whirlwind of changes: it is the content revolution. Muted, silent, often invisible to the eyes of users but experienced in all its radicalism by those companies that have always founded their core business on disseminating content and information. While on […]

Personas Analysis: Who Is Behind The Number?

Analyze the Personas before investing in digital marketing Personas Analysis, In the panorama of digital marketing, the role of the consumer is becoming increasingly central. A consumer with new habits, needs, possibilities, and, above all, new expectations. For this reason, the traditional analysis of a generic target audience is no longer enough, so the analysis […]

Shopping Experience 3.0

Unpublished and increasingly personalized buying experiences Shopping Experience, Web 3.0 has brought many changes (and many potentials) to digital commerce and how consumers perceive the buying experience of an online product or service. The network has become an “experiential scape, “a landscape in which to live and share experiences and emotions without any barrier or […]

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