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Best Practices For a Smooth Office 365 Migration

Office 365 migration has become indispensable to enable remote work models in the pandemic era. Remote or hybrid work model is allowing enterprises to ensure business continuity despite mobility restrictions induced by the pandemic. Microsoft office 365 suite has capabilities like cloud storage, real-time collaboration tools, calendars, and emails, among others that keep remotely working […]

What Are Digital Social Engineering Attacks and How Do You Watch Out for Them?

Hackers that target a network are not always looking for vulnerabilities in a business’s cybersecurity technology. Instead, they may use social engineering to target employees without the right cybersecurity training. Phishing and spear-phishing attacks are two examples of how hackers use social engineering to steal information, spread malware and break into secure networks. Here’s how […]

Technologies In The Office Of The Future

Technologies: New solutions in companies meet demographic trends. They help build modern work environments that stimulate creativity and productivity. Modern companies are undergoing a significant transformation due to macro-and microeconomic trends and as a result of specific changes in the technological, social and demographic dimensions. It is about the so-called megatrends that will shape the […]

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