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Artificial Intelligence In The Company: How To Adapt It To Work Better

Artificial intelligence in the company is a fundamental tool for maintaining and improving competitiveness. From virtual assistants to process automation, we see some interesting SME options. For several years, bringing AI into the company has been one of the big trends in the world of technology. In 2022, a Observatory recorded a record year for […]

Technology And Business: How To Leverage Digital To Boost Profits

Not just efficiency: the combination of technology and business directly affects profits. Here are three hypotheses to consider. The relationship between technology and business has always been very close. Companies have been undertaking digitization paths for decades to maximize operational efficiency. Every organization bases its productivity on processes stratified over the years and often needs […]

What Happens If We Put Pressure On Primary Storage? The Results Of a Storage Test

Primary Storage: In the IT infrastructure of organizations, the storage component has strategic importance because it stores, takes charge of data, and makes them available for all systems and workstations. This occurs typically in standard work situations, but to guarantee good Business Continuity, it must also happen following failures or problems of various kinds whose […]

Data Security: What You Need To Do To Protect Yourself

The digital dimension in which companies operate today requires greater attention to IT security both due to the criticality of data in the business and the continuous evolution of threats. The security of data and systems is the prerequisite for business continuity, maintaining customer confidence in brands and products, and avoiding incurring heavy legal penalties […]

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