Toyota Suspends Donations To Trump Republicans And Gets Criticized

Toyota Suspends Donations To Trump

Toyota’s PAC (Political Action Committee) will cut off donations to Republicans, who did not recognize President Joe Biden’s victory at a joint session of the Senate and Senate immediately after the January parliamentary attack on July 8 Declared. 

“Toyota is anti-democratic,” as Toyota, along with several other large corporations, financially assisted lawmakers in support of former President Trump, who claimed that the election was stolen. It is a measure in response to being criticized.

PAC is a donation organization created by companies, labor unions, industry groups, etc. It solicits donations widely and decides which politician and how much to send. Toyota said in a statement that its PAC had chosen to stop donating to all 147 Republicans who opposed the election results.

CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington), a left-wing civic group, donated $ 56,000 to 38 Republicans who challenged the election results by Toyota’s PAC on June 23. Said it outperformed companies such as medical insurance Cigna, AT & T, and Koch Industries.

Toyota said in a statement that its PAC funded lawmakers from both parties, and most of this year’s donations went to lawmakers who acknowledged Biden’s victory.

“We understand that PAC’s decision to support some lawmakers who disagreed with the election results has plagued stakeholders,” Toyota said in a statement. About two weeks ago, Toyota defended the PAC decision in question. 

In a statement last month, the company claimed that its PAC made donations based on a variety of factors, saying, “We believe it is not appropriate to judge lawmakers based solely on election-certified voting results. There is. “

The challenge to Biden’s victory was part of the last effort by former President Trump’s allies to overturn Biden’s victory. On the afternoon of January 6, just before Biden’s victory was confirmed, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol, and some lawmakers continued to cheat in last year’s presidential election. He was developing the claim that he was.

As a result, dozens of large corporations have responded by suspending donations to Republicans who do not accept election results or suspending all political contributions.

However, Toyota’s PAC continued to donate to Republican lawmakers, which led to protests by civic groups, and anti-Trump commentators blamed Toyota.

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