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iPhone 12

The iPhones 12, at least in the two 6.1-inch variants, have long been available for purchase. They are not cheap and, therefore, may not be accessible to most people. Still, Amazon could help you with your purchase, thanks to the new installment payment system. Here’s how it works, what are the advantages compared to a normal loan, and what are the disadvantages.

First of all, it is good to understand what we are talking about. For some time now, Amazon has been offering the possibility of installment purchases with financing, yet the installment payments we want to talk to you about today are different. For some products, in fact, it is possible to choose an installment payment through Amazon, without any additional commission.

A sort of immediate financing, where the user will pay for the object in 5 months, without interest; in other words, if an object costs 500 euros, you can choose to pay it in five installments of 100 euros. The first installment will be charged upon shipment, and then the subsequent ones at 30, 60, 90 and 120 days.

Fortunately, iPhone can also be purchased with this system. Here’s exactly how it works. On the Amazon page of the chosen iPhone 12, the user will see the writing “5 monthly installments from”.

In this way, you can buy iPhone 12 in installments that are certainly more accessible, and precisely:

  • 64 GB iPhone 12 in five installments of € 187.80 each
  • 128 GB iPhone 12 in five installments of € 197.80 each
  • iPhone 12 of 256 GB in five installments of € 221.80 each

Similarly, you can buy iPhone 12 Pro at:

  • iPhone 12 Pro from 128 GB in five installments of € 237.80 each
  • iPhone 12 Pro from 256 GB in five installments of € 261.80 each
  • 512 GB iPhone 12 Pro in five installments of € 307.80 each

Such a payment method has obvious advantages compared to a loan, because it is not necessary to have a paycheck or equivalent document, nor will you have to submit to the acceptance of the financing practice by the financial institution.

On the other hand, it must be said that the 5 euro installments are certainly less convenient than a zero-interest loan of 24 or 30 installments, which allow an even softer and more accessible monthly payment.

Please note that the Amazon installment payment can be used for the purchase of only one Product of each Product Category and a maximum of three Devices of each Device Family in your cart, unless otherwise indicated on the product detail page. Once you have purchased a Product or a Device of a certain Product Category or Family of Devices, it will be possible to purchase an additional Product or Device of the same Category or Family in monthly installments only if all the installments of the previous payment plan have been welded.

“Device Family” means each Device Category such as the Fire Tablet or Kindle e-reader category or Amazon Fire TV devices or Alexa-enabled devices (such as, for example, Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show). The term “Product Category” means each category of Products such as the “Electronics” or “Information Technology” category.

To use this payment method, your account must meet certain requirements including:

  • be resident in Italy
  • Amazon account active for at least one year
  • have a valid credit or debit card associated with your account (not pre-paid and expiring no earlier than 20 days after the last installment due date). The purchase in installments, however, can be made with a prepaid card.
  • The account must have a good payment history on

To be fair, we were able to buy an iPhone 12 in installments without having any registered cards not pre-paid. All the cards on our account were from the post-pay.

Amazon will collect the cost of each monthly payment on the payment method used to make the purchase. If a charge cannot be completed using the selected payment method, Amazon will charge the payment to any other (non-prepaid) credit or debit card registered in your account.

Moreover, at any time you can pay in advance the amount of the next installment or the entire remaining balance for the purchase of the Product or Device, by making the relative payment on the page dedicated to your payments in installments at the address.

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