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Introduction To 3Movierulz:

Today, we are back with one more piracy-promoting website that brings all the piracy versions of the latest movies to all its viewers free of cost. As we mentioned in our previous articles, Movierulz plz is a torrent type of website that promotes all the piracy stuff; here comes a similar website with the same content, and even its name is also the same none other than 3movierulz or movierulz3.

3movierulz.com publishes all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood movies immediately after their release. Movierulz3 covers movies from other languages like KoreaChinese, and Russian movies as well. In recent times, this website added web series to its menu. 3movierulz covers the web series and short films from all the languages, and their prime focus is on India-based web series, which drive a huge hype in the world of movie lovers. movierulz3 covers anime from Japan and other Asian countries as well. This website is also popular with few other names Movierulz plz, Movierulz, Movierulz telugu, 3Movierulz ms, 3Movierulz plz, 3Movierulz ps, 3Movierulz com, and 3Movierulz.online.

This website is banned in many countries, and the people who like it always plan to access it and enjoy their desired movies.

Enjoy & Download Any Video Content Using 3Movierulz

  • When releasing new films, web series, and television episodes on the web, go no farther than 3Movierulz, a free online entertainment platform.
  • 3Movierulz is a discreet website that streams movies without permission, sometimes before they are shown in theatres.
  • Popular movies worldwide, including those from Hollywood and Bollywood, are available here. Visitors to this site are likely to be interested in seeing video content with high visual quality (HD) video resolution.
  • Free movie streaming and downloading is also available online.
  • 3Movierulz has regularly leaked Hollywood and Bollywood films before their official release for the last few years.
  • Many governments are increasingly blocking access to torrent websites. The government’s attempts to curb piracy have been unsuccessful, as comparable websites offering the same video content (such as 3Movierulz, Movierulz4, Movierulz, and more) continue to operate under different domain names.
  • You can find magnet links to download your favorite films, web series and television episodes.

Key Highlights Of 3movierulz Website:

Movierulz3 has some exciting features that attract huge traffic when compared with others, and here are a few key highlights of the 3movierulz website.

  • You can browse any available movie on the website and download it for free.
  • You can download the subtitles from the movierulz3 website itself.
  • Easy to use user UI.
  • You can also download all the latest short films and web series from the top OTT platforms.
  • Provides the best security when compared with other competitor websites.
  • The hassle-free process to download your desired movie in preferred quality.

Steps To Download Movies From The Movierulz3 Website:

As we mentioned above, it is a simple process to download any data from the 3Movierulz website. You can even be a first-time user of this website, and you will easily understand its user interface and download the movie of your choice. We hope that the following steps will be helpful to you if you might face some slight troubles.

  1. Search for the Movierulz3 website in your search engine and open the original website.
  2. On the website, you will find a search bar to type your movie name and hit enter.
  3. Your desired movie and a few other related movies will pop up, and click on your preferred movie.
  4. Then you will be redirected to a page where you will find your movie with different video qualities to choose from.
  5. Click on the selected quality, and the torrent file will download, and you can open that file in your BitTorrent app, which is installed on your PC.

3Movierulz Alternative Websites List: 

Due to many common reasons, the latest Movierulz plz URL may not work on your PC. In such situations, we may need proxy and mirror websites which are pretty much similar to the 3movierulz website. Here are some websites which may be useful.

You can also find a few more similar alternative sites on the internet; you can use them too.

3Movierulz Proxy And Mirror Websites List (100% Working):

We have brought you some proxy and mirror websites that can be helpful to you in the absence of the official Isaimini website. A proxy or mirror website is a replica website that holds similar content as the original, but the same owner may not own the website. These websites completely replicate the target website and will serve the same data to the audience who mistakenly visits the website, and these websites will be very useful whenever the original website gets blocked in a country or during system maintenance.

  • 3muviesrulz. com
  • 3movierlz.pc
  • movierulz.vom
  • 3movierulz hz
  • 3moviezrulz.in
  • 4moviesrulz.pw
  • movierulz plz
  • movierulz.vpn
  • hdmovieshud.in
  • movierulz ac
  • 3movierulz app
  • movierulz ps
  • moveruls .vc
  • movierulz wap
  • movierylz.ms
  • movie rupz.ms
  • movierulz. se
  • movierulz ms

Unique Features

3Movierulz is a very user-friendly website. With the following features, navigating the website’s user interface should not be a problem.

  • Adaptable user interface
  • Quick downloads & streaming speeds
  • Get it without spending a dime
  • No sign-up or registration is required.
  • Hassle-Free user experience
  • To locate specific video content, please use the search bar.

Are 3Movierulz And Movierulz3 The Same?

Movierulz3 or 3Movierulz, even Movierulz ds, all are the same, and they change their domain slightly to escape the ban from the cybersecurity departments. These domain names can be good alternatives for you when you cannot find the actual site. So, list all these key phrases to find an alternative website and enjoy the uninterrupted movies on the Movierulz ds domain. In the near future, you may also come across Movierulz4 or Movierulz ds websites, and don’t get surprised. It will be a new domain name of this website or its proxy or mirror site. Mostly all these similar names will lead you to the same website.

Is Netflix Or Any OTT Platform A Competitor For 3Movierulz.com?

Yes, Netflix or any other platform like Amazon PrimeHuluDisney Hotstar are 100% legal competitors of the 3movierulz or movierulz3 website. All these websites provide all the latest movies for some paid subscription. All these providers genuinely buy the rights to telecast them. On the other hand, the Movierulz.hp website pirates them and publishes them. Here are the top legal alternatives of Movierulz3.com

  • Netflix
  • Sony Live
  • HotStar
  • MX Player
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • PopcornFlix.Com

How To Access The 3Movierulz Website If It Is Blocked In Your Country?

If your country or your ISP provider doesn’t allow you to access the Movierulz3 website or Movierulz.hp, we have a solution for you. There are hundreds of VPNs available on the internet, and there are a few premium VPNs also available to purchase. Find the best VPN for your usage and install and start accessing the Movierulz3 website. We suggest you never use this website. But, if you want to use it, first of all, install a good quality antivirus on your PC and keep everything safe and then start using Movierulz.hp or 3Movierulz website. Else you might be directly exposed to the hackers. These hackers place hacking links or ads on this website to victimize you and steal your personal info or money from your bank account.

The Benefits & Drawbacks 

Listed below are some of the benefits of using the 3Movierul website.

  • There are many options for watching movies, both old and new, including dubbed and dual-audio versions.
  • Choices in video quality include 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p (in both standard definition and BRRip).
  • 3Movierulz offers several active magnet links to download the same film.

Here are some of the downsides of using the 3Movierulz website:

  • In addition to being unlawful, the unidentified people behind the streaming website 3Movierulz make it difficult to put any faith in what they provide.
  • Having your computer or mobile device compromised by malicious software due to an overload of pop-up adverts is a real possibility.
  • The security of the information you provide when using 3Movierulz could be at risk.


We conclude this article in a way that Movierulz3 or 3Movierulz is a piracy-promoting website that publishes all the piracy versions of the latest movies. Many proxies and mirror websites provide you with piracy movies with a similar name to the movierulz.hp website. Though there are hundreds of piracy promoting websites, movierulz has got its own identity in the world of piracy, and it is very much popular in many countries like India, the USA etc., It will be a little hard for a new user to identify the original website among many mirror and proxy websites. Once you identify the original website, it will be very easy to access the movies and download them. One suggestion we would like to make is installing a high-quality antivirus before you start using this website. We never suggest you do use any of the piracy websites and steal the money of filmmakers. 


We, TechTodaypost as an organization, will never promote or encourage piracy and we strictly suggest our viewers stay away from 3Movierulz or Movierulz3 or any such piracy publishing websites. All the data provided on this website is only for educational purposes, and we don’t hold any responsibility for misusing this data. So, ethically watch movies or web series and save the film industry.

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