How To Choose The Domain Name Of Your Company Website?

Your Company Website

If you are going to develop a website for your company, one of the choices you have to make is the domain name. What is the domain name? Does the web domain influence the SEO positioning of our page?

It is logical that you have many doubts and questions about what could be the best domain name for your website. Although this is a task that you will normally decide and not your web design and development company, we want to give you some advice so that you can choose a domain properly.

Keys To Choosing The Domain Name Of Your Website

To choose a domain name, you must take into account several aspects.

Name Of Your Company

There are companies that are very clear that the domain name has to be the name of their company. This makes it easier for people to identify you and find you on Google easily.

This is for cases where your trademark matches your business name. Because sometimes your company name is one and the name by which your brand is known is another. In these cases, it is preferable to use the trademark.

By the way, it is not advisable to add the initials SL or SA to your domain, since they only refer to the legal form and this is of no use commercially.


Putting the keywords of what you sell on your domain may seem attractive, but it has some risks. For starters, SEO today is not like it used to be. Google is getting smarter, and a page that uses the domain with the exact keywords for which you want to position is not necessarily going to position you better.

In addition, another risk of using keywords in the domain is that users do not identify your brand well. They are very generic names and that carries risks of other people competing with you, buying different extensions with the same keywords.

For example, if you are an online computer store, and you buy a domain called “compo”, maybe someone comes along and buys the domain “Buy”, so your brand is not very differentiated.

Your Location

There are companies that only sell in Spain and others that have an international vocation. The domain extension (.com, .es, .net, etc.) is important to some extent. For example, if you want to sell abroad as well, it is not recommended that you use the .es, since that will limit you more to the Spanish market. On the other hand, if you don’t sell abroad, it may interest you.

In any case, buying a generic domain with a .com or .net extension can be beneficial in either case.

Domain Name Provider

There are those who use the same domain name provider with which they have contracted hosting. And others buy the domain in another company and point it to the hosting server where their website is hosted.

Whatever the case, this is an action that your web development company can do for you so that your page is properly configured with the domain pointing to the corresponding server and with the correct DNS.

The Size

Ideally, the domain name should not be an excessively long word. Think that if someone wants to write the name of your website directly in the browser if the name is long and confusing, it will be more difficult.

Try to make it easier for your clients with one or two-word domain name to make it easier. Also, if you sell several types of products and services, it is always better if the domain is something more generic and not too specific.

Buy My Domain On WordPress, Wix, Blogger And The Like?

If you have your website on a cloud platform, instead of your own hosting, you will see that these tools let you buy a web domain online. Now, this implies some complications, because it is not always easy to transfer a domain from these pages to another provider when you want to switch to your own hosting.

The recommended thing in your case is to buy the domain name directly in the same hosting with which you are going to have the web-hosted, something that will make the process much easier.

We can help you in any case if you want to create a website for your company. But remember that the domain is a product that you pay for year after year, even if the price is very low (around 12 euros per year).

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