Disadvantages Of Creating A Website With Wix

Disadvantages Of Creating A Website With Wix

In recent times, many platforms have emerged that allow you to create a web page without hardly knowing how to program. We are talking about platforms such as Wix, 1 & 1 and others similar that allow companies in a simple and (theoretically) free way to have a website for their project. Is it good to create a website with Wix?

The problem is that this type of platform is not the most suitable for creating a professional website. There are a thousand and one reasons to think that the pages created with Wix and the like do not have the best design, nor do they follow the best strategy to position themselves well in Google, nor should they be considered by a serious company in the long term.

In this article, we want to unravel the downsides of creating a website with Wix.com.

Why Not Create A Website With Wix

The strong point of this type of page is usually the following:

  • It is easy to do
  • It takes no effort
  • You don’t have to know how to program
  • Etc.

But the part that they do not tell you and that we must consider if we want to create a website for our business is perhaps the most important.

  • You totally depend on them, because they are software for creating websites in the cloud.
  • They can make decisions that your business doesn’t like, and you have to accept them. For example, they make changes in the back-office or control panel.
  • You have little chance to customize the layout because you don’t have access to edit the source code.
  • You cannot modify the structure or architecture of your website. You must bear in mind that once you are with them, your structure is that of the template you have chosen.
  • You have to bear costs if you want to be with them or assume that they advertise on the web. The cheapest plan has advertising.
  • Your website is not easily scalable, because if you want to change and modify the design to suit your needs, you cannot do it easily because you depend on the templates they have.

In other words, that by having a website with Wix, you are working with software in the cloud to create websites, but that it has its limitations, and that it does not give you all the possibilities that you would have with WordPress, hosting + your own domain, where you have many more options to customize and improve your page.

Alternatives To Wix To Create Your Website

They tell you that it is easy and simple to create a website with Wix because you only have to press four buttons to create your website.

But today you can do the same with much more complete and advanced technology, such as WordPress, where you have thousands and thousands of paid templates and a huge community of experts, as well as numerous plugins of all kinds that you can add to improve your page. (Note: You can check these best website builder reviews for other list of great options aside with Wix and WordPress.)

Creating a website with Wix is ​​not a bad thing if you are starting in the world of the web and have no commercial pretensions. But if you have a company, it is recommended that you have an elegant and attractive website from the beginning, preferably developed in WordPress.

WordPress, with its own domain and hosting, is the most recommended alternative to create a business website.

You have everything that Wix cannot offer you:

  • Your website is yours, and it is on your hosting and with your domain. If you want to go to another hosting because you don’t like the one you have, you can do it easily. No one will make changes that may affect you, and if you don’t like a new version of WordPress, you can always keep the old one.
  • You only pay for what you need. If you want to use plugins or payment templates, you buy them, and they are already yours, but you will not have to be paying every month. The hosting is paid once a year and the domain too.
  • You are not dependent on Wix software, on any other, because your website is yours and yours alone.
  • WordPress is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform, where sometimes you can simply install a premium design and customize your page with the content you want in a simple way.

How To Develop A Personalized And Elegant Website For Your Company

Your company needs to distinguish itself from your competitors. With WordPress, you can get it. You cannot limit yourself to using technology that professionals are no longer using, instead of the type of software that is most popular and that offers the best solutions.

You not only have to think about your website now (easy, cheap, fast) but in the future. Because then you will have a website in Wix and you will not know what to do with it, and you will want to know how to take it to another site, and doing a migration is always a heavier task.

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