What You Need To Create A Simple Website In 24 Hours

Create A Simple Website

What does it take to make a website in 24 hours? An idea, a design and a content. Putting all these ingredients together in a web page seems to take a long time, but the reality is that in one day you can have everything ready if you follow these steps.

If you are reading this article, it is probably for one of these reasons:

  1. You have a lot of prospects who need simple websites, and they want them badly.
  2. You want to save as much time as possible in designing a website.
  3. You were curious to know how to make a website in one day.
  4. You are sceptical of this issue, and the first thing that came to your mind was “it is obvious that you cannot design a site in 24 hours.”
  5. You leave your projects until the last minute, and you need a quick solution.

How To Create A Website In 24 Hours

In this article, you will learn how to make a simple website in 24 hours, but the process of learning how to do it goes beyond a single day, although it does not mean that you will learn overnight to use a system to design a website.

What Does It Take To Design A Website In 24 Hours?

  • A good web hosting provider. It should offer you full access to the administration of your website, the possibility of installing WordPress and good technical support service.
  • A good visual layout like Visual Composer or Divi Builder.
  • A good internet provider. This is important because of the speed at which you must work; when using a visual layout, you must constantly be reloading the preview of the changes.

How To Make A Design In One Day?

Once you have the necessary tools, you can start working. You can use Divi Builder, it is a very simple visual layout maker, and it has some templates that you can use.

Before you commit to delivering a website in 24 hours, you are going to need a lot of practice handling the layout. There are people who can take months to handle the system 100%, and yet they keep learning new things. How to do web design in one day?

Request Complete Information And Payment

That the client sends you their complete information is very important.

You need to make it very clear that the design time starts counting from the moment they send you their information and make the payment. In the case of an express design, you can feel confident to charge at least 80% down payment. The remaining 20% ​​will be charged the next day.

NOTE: Clients often do not understand that time runs from when you have all the information you need at hand, send an email when you start working on their website so that you will avoid misunderstandings with the waiting time.

Remember That It Should Be A Simple And Clear Website.

It is very common for everyone interested in web design to spend time designing websites meticulously. We want to cover every detail to make it a truly successful website, but remember that the customer is looking for something simple.

If you realize it, the site doesn’t need to be full of information, but it has to be complete for what the client needs.

Order And Structure Your Work

Something that can help to achieve an express design is to order the content and shape the website before starting to design.

For some, it may work to lay it out on a sheet of paper, and for others, it may work to do it directly in the website layout, based on a template.

It is important to sit down with your client and order the website to their liking, with your recommendations. Remember that he will make the decision on his design, obviously based on what you offer for the cost of an express design.

Organize Your Focus And Rest Time

One of the biggest problems when creating a website is the dispersion or little rest. If the same thing happens to you, use a very good tool called Pomodoro Timer.

It is a technique that uses a clock to divide the time spent on work into 25-minute intervals – separated by pauses.

Get A Second And Third Opinion.

Another big problem that many developers have is that they trust their experience so much that they forget that there are more points of view. For some, it may be a regular job, and for you, it is already an excellent job.

Although the customer’s opinion is the final opinion, talk to people who can give you their perspective on your design, this will help you improve some general features of the site.

Distinguish Between A Site Mockup And The Official Site

When you sell an express design service, you have to tell the customer about the 24 hours you spend on the mockup of your site. This does not mean that the site is incomplete but that it will not be the official site until the client approves it or the corresponding changes are made.

Once the mockup is ready, you have to work on the changes, which are also in a short time and you can even make the changes with the client present. 

Contact Your Client Before He Contacts You.

This point is very important. According to the client’s psychology, if he has to call you, it means that he is pressuring you and, therefore, he may not be happy with your services.

But if you call him before, the client will be surprised at the efficiency of your work and will realize that you are complying with the 24-hour deadline. That will help them to recommend or hire you a greater service.

Make Changes To Their Presence And Instantly.

Final changes can have a positive effect on the client if you make them in their presence. 

In the case of express design, you must make clear the types of changes that you can request. You can allow them to make changes to the background images, the order of the information, the order of the gallery, the colours, the location of the logo in the header, the font size, etc. These are very simple changes to make in the Divi layout.


Make the terms and conditions of the service you offer clear, or you will lose customers. The most common problem is that the client wants a mega  design for the cost of an express design.

When it comes to Mega design, it is a design that includes 3 or 4 times more work and dedication than an express design. In some cases, it has worked to support small businesses that do not have the same budget as a medium or large company.

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