Legal website Requirements|What Legal Requirements Must A Website Meet?

legal website requirements

Legal website Requirements, hundreds of new websites appear every day. Faced with this boom, it seems that its realization has to be a very simple task, but in reality, it is complicated and can lead to many headaches for developers every time their client tells them to change something they do not like. We find prepared food, travel, personal blogs, sales, business, online store, among many others. We can find many websites in the same sector, but not all have the same repercussion. In this post, we will explain some of the fundamental requirements that should not be missing from a web page.

Requirements For A Web Page To Be Interesting For The User

Legal website Requirements: A user, during a day, can browse more than 50 different websites. This can be a problem since this user when he enters web 51, may already have lost all the interest he had at the beginning of the search. In the event that the page 51 on which you clicked is ours, we must get your attention, and achieve this, for each user who enters our website for the first time. To achieve this, it is essential to take into account these requirements:

Good Hierarchy:

Unlike books or newspapers, web pages are not read in a linear way, but rather are jumping from one side to the other. Obviously, it is important that all the elements follow an order, but it does not have to be linear, in addition, the first thing we would like our users to see, it is advisable to put it at the beginning.

Know Our Target Audience Well:

On a web page, control is not held by the person responsible for it, but rather the users who, browsing the web, decide whether they like the site or not. That is why the architecture, design and content must be adapted to them.


The navigation of the web has to be easy and clear; it is important that there are shortcuts to facilitate the user access to the different content that we offer.

The Appropriate Format For Each Content:

To make navigation more fluid, it is advisable to combine images, videos, text and interactive elements, which stimulate the user’s interest.


Once we know what our target audience is, we must generate content that is appropriate and of interest to it.

Added Value:

It is essential that the user when he finishes browsing our website feels that he has not been wasting time, but that having browsed our website has served him well.

Once we have all these requirements clear and we want to continue with the development of our idea, it is important to be clear about the legal conditions that the website must have to guarantee its proper functioning and legality.

Legal Requirements That A Web Page Must Have

Choose A Domain And Brand:

Legal website Requirements, when choosing a domain, it is important that at the same time we choose the brand and that both coincide, since if we only chose the domain, and in the future, we wanted to obtain the brand, what could happen is that a third person would use it using an already registered domain. This is why it is important to choose both at the same time and register them with the Patent and Trademark Office.

Owner Identification:

The Electronic Commerce Law (Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce or LSSI) obliges to identify the owner of a website, as long as it is made for professional, commercial or corporate purposes. In case it is only for personal use, your identification is not necessary.

The Content:

When publishing a text, an image, a video, or anything that belongs to someone else, we must make sure that it does not have copyright, and that its use, whether for commercial or personal use, is legal.

Target Audience:

We must be very clear about the public to whom we are addressing since legal obligations may vary depending on the median age of the users who browse our website.

Be Clear About What We Do On The Web.

If our website is dedicated to contests, games, raffles, among other things in this sector, we must be clear that these are subject to self-regulatory codes. If so, we must obtain the necessary authorizations or include the corresponding legal legends.

Data Protection:

The registration forms already suppose a collection of data, that is why we must adhere to the Organic Law on Data Protection (LOPD) and notify the user at all times. Failure to do this can result in a financial penalty of up to 60 thousand euros, and depending on the case; it may increase.

In addition, if we send a newsletter or commercial information via email, we must do so only to people subscribed to our newsletter, since the LOPD also protects them.

Sales Website:

If our website is an e-Commerce platform, we must comply with the LSSI, which obliges us to provide prior and detailed information on the purchase, as well as the rights that the consumer has in case of a return, the forms of payment, the forms and shipping costs, etc. Failure to inform the consumer can lead to significant penalties, and generate distrust among consumers, causing us to lose customers.

Language Of The Web:

A website can be in many languages, but it is important to choose the main one, in order to adapt the legislation to the country from which the main language of the website comes.


Whoever helps us with the web; photographers, developers, journalists, hosting, etc., it is important to generate and sign a contract with them, where the conditions are specified, to avoid problems with that person. In addition, it is also convenient to sign confidentiality agreements to ensure that our professional secrets are not disclosed.

No To Cut And Paste:

The most serious crime that we can commit on a website is to “copy and paste” other people’s documents. It is essential that we respect the works of others and that our website has its own content, and that it is also unpublished and original.

To avoid having future problems, such as for example, that the site is closed, it is important that we comply with the requirements set out above, and thus ensure the good positioning of our website.

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