Transform Your E-Commerce With These 24 Marketing Tips And Tricks


Create A Good Content Strategy 

Working on the contents of your website is a showcase to improve search engine positioning. For this reason, it is essential to establish a good content strategy, in which periodic publications and communications marked in relation to your objective are planned and executed. Discover the keys to carry out a Content Marketing strategy in an eCommerce and start to get results.

Humanize Your Social Networks

The best way to connect with your audience is to create a one-to-one link with them. It is important that if they decide to follow you, they do not come across an outdated and purely commercial profile. Use tools to schedule periodic publications that ensure a minimum weekly content.

This content should carry simple messages with a unique voice, feeling that it is really someone else who is giving you that information. Interact with your users by offering solutions and participating in conversations in a close way.

Have A Presence On LinkedIn

Having a presence on LinkedIn is highly recommended to work on the brand image at the business level. Without forgetting that it is a social network, not a sales showcase, its use is a perfect option to position and publicize your brand among other companies in the sector by participating in groups, creating and sharing content in the sector. As in other social networks, you can monitor and analyze the impact of your content and your brand.

Relationships With Relevant Influencers In Your Sector

Do not underestimate the power that Influencers can have today. If you plan an action with those who fit in as ambassadors of your brand, they can achieve a considerable increase in your visibility and sales. It is very important to research and analyze your candidates as there are many Influencers, and not all of them will fit your philosophy. Differentiate yourself and create something groundbreaking with them; you know that you will not be the only brand with which they collaborate.

Reach Your Customers Through Email Marketing

For a digital marketing plan to be totally efficient from its approach, it needs to include an email marketing strategy through which to create an effective communication and sales channel for eCommerce. It seeks to achieve objectives such as attracting traffic to E-Commerce, capturing leads and converting customers, opinions and reviews, communication and monitoring of loyalty programs or offering information on special offers and new launches, for example. 

Get The Most Out Of Your Newsletter.

The newsletter is the most valid lead magnet with which to carry out campaigns aimed at each subscriber, showing them content about their interests in relation to your eCommerce. Establish a delivery strategy that is periodic and offers really valuable content so that you will create interest in your newsletters. Segmenting your subscribers in different lists, you will send the ideal content to the right people. Apply these tips, and they will be a source of clicks to your eCommerce.

Recover Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are the headache of all eCommerce. Every day we seek to avoid the abandonment of these carts in any part of the process, but when it occurs, it is necessary to guide all efforts to recover them. For this, the most valid and used tactic is to send reminders via email.

The Best Customer Service In RRSS

Let’s not forget that any communication channel is a tool to give the best customer service. By training your team of Community Managers in a good ATC, you will be able to carry out a communication strategy based on the knowledge of your Buyer Persona. Customize the answers so that they feel that you are talking to them and prepare a list of FAQs; thus, you will speed up work and give a better pre and post-sales help service.

Blog Regularly

It is highly recommended to have a blog within your eCommerce as it will help you to get better positioning and more visits. However, having a blog without creating regular content will not have any of the above effects. Get the most out of it by creating a posting schedule, so your audience will know what day new content will be and will turn to it when looking for certain information.

Offer Your Website In Different Languages ​​According To Your Audience.

The easier you make it for your Buyer Persona, the more possibilities you will have to carry out the action you want. For this reason, if your ideal clients are from countries with different languages, add the option of being able to navigate in those languages ​​on your website, and you will enhance the reach of clients and sales. 

Use The Wishlist

Implementing the Wishlist or wish list in your eCommerce will allow the user to save the products that interest him. This fact requires the creation of a profile for each person, which will allow you to carry out email marketing actions by remembering their Wishlist. In addition, you will be able to know the interests of your users in a personalized way, facilitating the execution of actions to offer them products of their interest and increase sales.

Create Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

We are in a time when the smartphone is the ideal companion par excellence. So take advantage of this support for your mobile strategy and make the most of geo location and ads through GoogleAds. This will allow you to segment in such a way that you can directly impact your Buyer Persona by directing them to your website.

Talk To Your Users, More Than Google.

With the change in algorithms, the fight to get the best SEO positioning has changed. Google has begun to assess more positively the texts that are directed to users. Create unique content with the needs of your audience to succeed with them and with the search.

Personalize Communication With Your Customers

Although you have a large number of emails and comments in RRSS per day to answer, reply with the username whenever you have it. The same is applicable to mailings campaigns, go to your database by their names, so they will feel communication from you to you, and you will humanize your business.

Contextualize Advertising

In marketing, we hear a lot about the personalization of campaigns, but another element of equal importance is the contextualization of the same. The perfect tandem is to know the preferences of your ideal client and offer it in the most appropriate way to their context at a certain time.

With such a deep knowledge of your client, it will be very easy for you to get engagement and carry out automated marketing actions.

Limit The Use Of Pop-Up Ads

The use of pop-up windows is annoying for the user who has just landed on your website, especially when it is difficult to locate the close button. If you don’t want your eCommerce to suffer unnecessary abandonments, limit the use of pop-ups to really impressive campaigns at specific times that really create the WOW effect for the user. 

Analyze And Measure Everything You Can

Analytics is, without a doubt, the cornerstone to get the most out of e-commerce. Analyzing the data extracted about the operation of the web, the reach achieved, the bounce rate or the daily results of the active campaigns serve as a guide to finding new tactics that increase the conversions of your eCommerce

For this, there are tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Amplitude or Kissmetrics, which will help you create a dashboard adapted to your business model.

Establish A Shipping Strategy In Advance

A good shipping strategy should be based on offering the best quality and performance so that the shipment of the order is carried out in the most effective and fast way possible. The steps to follow in this strategy are to determine the cost of the shipment for the user, the time it takes to arrive at the indicated address and the way in which the customer receives their package.

Conduct a study of all the parcel companies in order to choose the one that best suits your model. Remember that the chosen one will be responsible for the image you give to the client in terms of time and the form of shipments.

Build Loyalty To Your Customers

It is proven that it takes more effort and resources to acquire new customers than to retain the ones you already have. By carrying out loyalty programs based on a strategy for each customer profile, you reward certain of their actions in order to encourage them to continue buying from you. Among some of these programs, we highlight the reward, points, preferential treatment or club and the creation of events.

Give A Good Post And Pre-Purchase Customer Service.

Customer service is a differential value in electronic commerce. Therefore, it is essential to offer different communication channels (contact form, telephone, email, social networks, chat) depending on your target audience. Not all are valid for all eCommerce, so do tests of the ones that work and not with your users to be able to offer them the greatest immediacy in assistance, help in the purchase and support in the pre-purchase.  

Implement A Chat To Improve The User Experience

Keep in mind the live chat tool or the chatbot to offer personalized customer service or to filter and refer to the corresponding departments. Depending on your availability, your resources and your Buyer Persona, you can implement the option that best suits your eCommerce.

Get Product Reviews And Ratings.

Encourage your customers to rate and leave opinions of their purchase. This low-cost marketing tactic will go a long way so that users who have not made a purchase trust the products you offer. You can use email marketing to carry out the action once they have received the product.

Make It Easy To Return.

Sending the order purchased in your eCommerce is still important for marketing. Everything is a shopping experience until the buyer receives the package. Offer a good after-sales service by integrating all the information regarding the return into your packaging. With this action, you will eliminate headaches for the client, who will feel safe and will count on you again, in addition to freeing up customer service from work.

Make Community

The best way to get more customers and multiply your turnover is by creating a community around your brand and your store. Find people who are passionate about your products, your brand philosophy or your transparency, for example. The community will promote your online business at no cost. It is important to take care of your community through different commercial strategies that make them part of the brand and the store so that they are loyal to you.

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