How To Create Your Personal Brand Online To Earn Money

Personal Brand Online

The consequences of creating a good online personal brand are positive both for those people who are looking for work since it multiplies the possibilities that companies in their sector know them and are interested in their qualities, as well as for those entrepreneurs who want to make their way and seek self-employment since they generate confidence and security towards their potential clients.

Creating a personal branding online on the Internet is very useful at work and social level for several reasons:

  • You have greater control over the perception that companies, clients and / or colleagues in the sector have about your own image on the Internet since the primary source will start precisely from the messages that you transmit yourself.
  • It enables you to differentiate yourself in the workplace from other people with a profile similar to yours and highlight what makes you unique.

Nine steps To Create Your Own  Personal Brand Online To Earn Money

What steps should you follow to create your own personal brand online? We tell you:

Analyze Yourself In Depth

First of all, you must be honest with yourself and delve into your ideals, your knowledge, your character, your habits and your own style.

Answering in detail the following questions, and others that occur to you, will help you find your own way to create your online brand from scratch:

  • In what fields do you have extensive knowledge and experience?
  • Of those fields, which ones would you like to spend your time on?
  • What values ​​do you identify with, and what would you like to convey?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are your work habits?
  • And a long list of etc.

Do not be afraid to go deep enough into yourself, but do not lengthen this phase too much or you could never start and even end up suffering from the so-called “Imposter Syndrome”.

Market Analysis And Data Crossing

Once you are clear about who you are and what you want, you must analyze how to fit your goals in the existing market. Try asking yourself these questions in the following order and don’t skip any:

  • What services could you offer based on your knowledge and skills?
  • With these services, what solution do you offer?
  • Does this solution solve the problem of any market segment?

Ask yourself if you really help something with your services and why the public should come to you and not to someone else to solve their problems.

Describe In As Much Detail As Possible Who This Audience Is.

Here you must make a detailed portrait of your target audience, the so-called buyer persona. You must not only say age and sex, but you must also know absolutely everything about him: what he likes, what not, what habits he has, where he lives, who he trusts and who influences him, how he consumes information, on what channels and when he consumes it how much The more you understand and get to know your buyer persona, the more adjusted your content and your services will be to this specific segment of the population you are targeting. Your success will largely depend on whether or not this audience likes you.

Is There Enough Demand?

At this point, do not answer “by intuition”. Get on the Internet, observe, investigate people who are dedicated to this in what you want to focus on and ask your environment, your professional colleagues, in specialized forums you need feedback to know a real answer as objective as possible.

  • If there are a lot of markets, do you have excessive competition? Does supply far exceed demand?
  • If you have answered yes to the previous answers, could you contribute something different than your competition?

You don’t need to “invent” something out of nothing, but you can be different simply by trying something that already exists from a different point of view or with an original style. If you become a lazy version of something that already exists, it is very likely that you will not achieve the expected success and you will get frustrated.

Once all these questions have been answered, you should have been able to reach a firm conclusion about what you can offer that really solves the so-called “pain” of your buyer persona, that is, what leads them to hire your services to feel better. And you should also have been able to specify how you are going to solve it: procedure, channels to use, etc.

Create A Successful Sales Funnel.

You must be very realistic and plan what steps this potential customer should follow to reach the purchase and also their loyalty and what you are going to do to achieve it. Your buyer persona is not going to act as you want if he really has no real reasons for it.

Although it is cruel to think of it this way, you will do better if you think that users are “impatient” (if your website does not load in 2 seconds, you will have a high bounce rate), “lazy” (if to access useful information you ask for 5 clicks, scroll and put even your ID in the form, you will get bored halfway and leave your website) and “fools” (if it is not clear in the first second what you offer and does not know where to click, He will not make an effort to find out and will leave).

At this point, you should propose the structure of your website, your email marketing strategy, your social media strategy, your strategy in CPC campaigns (Facebook Ads, Google Adwords …). Strategically plan everything that paves the way for your buyer persona.

This point is key, but it is also, by far, the most complicated and you may have to modify it frequently to perfect it and also to adjust it to the new circumstances of your market over time.

Specify Our Online Image

From this point on, we must create our image on the web, starting by choosing an aesthetic line that is in accordance with our values ​​and with what we want to convey (everything specified in point 1). We must choose our colours (this infographic on colour will help you ) and corporate fonts, have a logo and a website according to ourselves and our services.

It is important that we do not make the mistake of wanting to do everything ourselves if we do not have enough knowledge. A timely investment in graphic design, web and/or copywriting professionals can save us money in the long run. And don’t forget the great importance of SEO!

Also, for this, it is important that we seek external feedback to know if we are really right visually. Don’t be afraid to ask your colleagues or your friends. Without giving them prior information about what you offer, ask them:  What sensations do my online image evoke in you (website, logo, colours)? What does my website tell you?  If the first time they can’t say what your website is about, then you are not transmitting a clear message, and you will have to rethink its structure, images, texts and their position.

Do not try to influence their opinions; just let them be honest if you really want to know the truth and be able to correct possible errors in your online image.

Alliances And Networking

Locate your competition and see where they move, who they hang out with and what gives them visibility. It is time to show your face, attend conferences, fairs, comment on specialized forums and send emails.

You must stop being an unknown face in your market. Networking will not only provide you with new and valuable knowledge (never forget that you don’t know everything, keep your ego at bay), but it could also give you unexpected and highly profitable business opportunities. Open your eyes wide, travel and develop your social skills as much as you can.

This point must always be worked on; it does not have an end date.

Get Traffic And Analyze It.

The fastest way to drive traffic to your website is to pay for it, it’s that simple. Attracting traffic through constant SEO work and measuring it correctly, is also very necessary, but slower, so start attracting traffic with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, which will be your allies especially at the beginning, depending on your market. So go ahead and create an SEM campaign and measure and analyze in detail what happens to said traffic. We recommend that at the beginning you do not spend too much on your CPC campaigns, but rather use a small investment to test and see what is wrong in your sales funnel and what is a success.

There are many tools that inform you step by step about whether your strategy is working or not. Use them! Do not be guided by intuition; it is the real and objective data that will give you the keys to your success.

Use free and essential tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, analyze the graphs of Facebook Ads or Google Adwords (depending on where you have decided to invest), obsessively review the data of your email marketing shipments, try free versions of useful tools such as Hotjar (create heat maps based on your website visitors, record your visitors’ sessions so you can see where they click and where they don’t, etc.) All information is little.

Of course, if you achieve sales during the testing process, get in touch with these customers and don’t be afraid to ask their opinion, what led them to make the purchase, what they liked the most, what would they improve. Real testimonials about your sales funnel, and your service or product is pure gold that you should take advantage of.

Official Launch

Once you have all the data in your hand and you’ve made the necessary changes based on this: the time of your first official release.

If you have started point 5, you will even have a “godfather” or a “godmother” to support you and multiply the diffusion of your launch (although it may also be possible to pay for this support).

As you have seen, personal branding is a way to get money, and it is possible to do so, thanks to the Internet. And you, what will you prepare for your first release? Put the engine to the maximum revolution: CPC campaigns, email marketing campaigns, social networks on fire Forward launch, cheer up for it!

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