General Contractor SEO: An SEO Guide

Contractor SEO

It doesn’t matter how good a contractor you are: you need a great web presence if you’re going to outcompete other businesses. Yet what does having a great web presence actually mean?

The most important part of a solid web presence is having great general contractor SEO. This involves a wide range of techniques that can boost your search ranking and supply your website with more visitors.

In this guide, we’re going to look at the most important parts of SEO for contractors that you need to put into place. Ready to start improving your website? Then read on!

1. Know Your Keywords

If you’re going to improve your search ranking, you need great keywords. This means finding out what keywords people search for that are related to your business, then making sure that your website features them.
So, for instance, if you’re a general contractor in Tampa, you’ll need to include “general contractor Tampa” on your website.

To find out the right keywords to use, you need to do keyword research. This involves using a program to find out the search volume for different keywords to see which ones are worth your time. It also involves checking out how competitive the keywords are: it might not be worth your time trying for certain keywords.

2. Create a Google My Business Listing

If you want to be featured more prominently in Google’s search results, you need to create a Google My Business listing. This will improve your ranking and create a small feature box in search results about you, which will give your opening times, contact details, and other crucial business information.

It also allows you to feature this information on Google Maps, so that when people click on your pin, they will see a lot more information about your business, which can help create more customers.
Local SEO like this is an essential part of contractor SEO, as most of your customers will come from your local area.

3. Improve Your Website

If you’re a contractor, you’re used to repairing and improving homes rather than websites, yet you shouldn’t let your site lie fallow. Improving your website is essential for good SEO.

For instance, did you know that Google uses page speed as a ranking factor? This means that if you’re using slow shared hosting, you could be jeopardizing your website rank.

You should make sure that your website looks fantastic and is very responsive. If not, Google isn’t the only one who might find issue with it. Customers may come to your website, get frustrated with it, and then go to a competitor’s!

Great General Contractor SEO Requires a Multifaceted Approach

There’s no one single solution to general contractor SEO issues. If you want to improve your ranking and get more customers, you’re going to need to use a hybrid strategy that’s a mix of all the tips we’ve given you. If you think this might be too much work on top of running your business, we’d recommend hiring an SEO agency to help you out!
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