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Teleworking In The Production And Distribution Industry? Yes, It Is Possible!

production and distribution: By implementing innovative solutions long before the pandemic is announced, the Food Ingredients Group is ready to survive this difficult time and what will come after it. The Food Ingredients Group consists of five companies specializing in the production of food additives. Libra, which can boast of an extensive R&D department, mainly […]

Oppo releases demo videos of new wireless charging technology, you can lift the device to charge it (but up to 10 cm),

There are only expectations for wireless charging. It’s packed with sound near futures. It’s a magical level story a while ago that you can charge the battery by leaving it in place without inserting the charger one by one. Oppo’s demo video of wireless charger technology will accelerate your dreams and expectations. Because even if […]

Sequoia Capital’s Initiative To Raise 2.5 Billion Yen In Childcare Service Otter’s Ambitions

Helene Mayer said in May last year that she noticed that the period of home-based childcare was longer than originally expected. The Edtech company “Forward F1rst,” which she launched in Boston, was forced to shut down two months earlier. Around that time, the nursery school for her 16-month-old twin brothers was closed, forcing her to […]

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