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With Snowpark Container Services, Snowflake Strengthens Its Catalogue Of Third-Party Applications.

In June 2021, Snowflake announced Snowpark, its development framework. He announced Snowpark Container Services integrating Kubernetes and Docker environments two years later. A way to expand its catalogue of third-party solutions, particularly towards AI, is a hot topic. For Christian Kleinerman, senior vice president responsible for Snowflake products, Snowpark Container Services expands the firm’s use […]

Teleworking In The Production And Distribution Industry? Yes, It Is Possible!

production and distribution: By implementing innovative solutions long before the pandemic is announced, the Food Ingredients Group is ready to survive this difficult time and what will come after it. The Food Ingredients Group consists of five companies specializing in the production of food additives. Libra, which can boast of an extensive R&D department, mainly […]

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