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Graphic Design

Who Should Pursue Graphic Design?

If you were to re-open your school notebooks today, the endless doodles would surely put a warm smile on your face. Hand-drawn stick-figures, bubble letters, not-so-cursive alphabets, and whatnot, decorating the last few pages. Reminiscing your Da Vinci days, aren’t you?

For some, those might’ve been a simple pass-time. For others, it was the ‘Eureka!’ moment they didn’t know about. Drawing unanimous shapes and texts on a piece of paper opened up their box of creativity and let their imagination take reign. If you were one of them, then there’s no doubt that you have tried to explore graphic design courses at least once. After all, it’s not just another cool profession. Rather, it helps you bring those doodles to life and play with colours, images, and alphabets to create masterpieces.

Graphic design is more than showing your prowess over Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. It’s about how you visualize elements in a way no one else can. Are you still wondering if you should pursue graphic design or not? Well, here are some points on who should become a graphic designer. If you resonate with them, look nowhere else.

#1 Having a Knack For The Relevant Software

Did you try your hand at learning Photoshop and loved using it? Did it help you learn more about creating digital artwork that satisfies your creative buds like nothing else? Chances are, you’re meant for graphic designing. Along with the likes of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Affinity Designer, it’s one of the most widely-used software in graphic design. While it takes immense curiosity and patience to master these tools, they’re the ones that ultimately help you materialize your visions and ideas.

Thus, if your eagerness to know and master such software reigns supreme, you and graphic designing are most likely meant for each other.

#2 Purchasing Items Simply For Their Eye-Catching Packaging

Ever bought a box of cookies just because its packaging had a unique design? Or purchased a personal diary simply because the attractive cover was a little too irresistible? If so, you have a keen eye, not just for art but also for packaging design. And that’s what makes you ideal for graphic designing, as you can exercise your creative juices to create designs that help products find their way into a customer’s shopping cart. Imagine this – a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes without the sumptuous bowl of cornflakes and splashing milk. Would it be selling as it does?

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#3 Aesthetics In Daily Life Matter To You

Checking if your pillow covers complement the bed sheet or the books on your bookshelf are organized by colour isn’t a hard-and-fast sign of OCD. It can also mean that visual clarity is essential to you, and you care about aesthetics in your everyday life. Repetition, contrast, balance, and hierarchy – the four principles that form the foundation of graphic design learning are already fabricating in your brain. The next step? Studying graphic design to hone these elements and turn you into the next Saul Bass.

#4 You See Possibilities Where Others Don’t

We all have our party tricks, don’t we? Forming shadows with our hands, shuffling cards, and the list goes on. But, is yours different? Maybe pointing out the secret arrow in FedEx’s logo, a hidden cyclist in Tour de France’s symbol, or showing how the ‘b’ symbol in Beats by Dre’s logo is actually a human head wearing headphones. If yes, then you already know that designs are more than what meets one’s eye – an ideal trait for becoming a graphic designer.

To Sum Up

Clearly, graphic design is for those with creativity running through their veins and an artistic eye. Combine those with discipline and commitment, and you’re already on your way to becoming a successful graphic designer!

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