B. Tech Cyber Security And Forensic Jobs: Scope And Description

Cyber Security and Forensic Jobs

Cyber Security: Are you cyber literate? If no, it is a matter of huge concern in the present world. The advent of technology has been both a boon and a bane for humankind. As the world is growing at an exponential speed, from business to banking is expanding online. The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has pushed more people to adopt digitalization. To lessen the complexity and make life hassle-free, people have started storing their confidential data in clouds. The digital assets of people worldwide are inviting the risk of theft.

The rising number of cyber attack cases has presented a massive requirement for skilled cyber experts. Pursuing B.Tech Cyber Security and Forensic at this point can be the wisest decision for science stream students looking for a rewarding career. You can also know about penetration testing service, which is an intersting area to focus in testing industry and can be a promising career option too.

Cyber Security vs. Forensics

Many people often get confused between cybersecurity and forensics. Both the profession is slightly different from each other. In cybersecurity, experts try their best to prevent cyberattacks such as spyware, computer viruses, ransomware, and phishing. If an event happens by any chance, the forensic experts investigate and try to find the source and reasons for failure. They also try to recover the tampered data.

Career prospects of B.Tech in Cybersecurity and Forensic

1. Cybersecurity Architect:

The cybersecurity architects are responsible for developing a secure IT system. They also try to lower the risk of unwanted cyberattacks. They design strong security architectures for firms.

2. Intelligent Analyst:

Intelligent analysts identify and mitigate threats from external sources and save organizations’ confidential data. They ensure the safety of the organization.

3. Cybersecurity Administrator:

The cybersecurity administrators keep track of all the devices used by an organization for work purposes. They prevent cyberattacks by maintaining systems and networks protected from all kinds of cyber threats.

4. Expert At Antivirus Firms:

The experts at antivirus firms try to robust the gadgets and networks’ security. They boost virus and threat protection. They also manage device security and improves device performance and health.

5. Network Security Analyst:

Network security analysts’ primary role is to design security measures for protecting networks and devices from data theft and prevent tampering of data.

5. Computer And Information System Manager:

In this profession, computer and information systems managers make crucial decisions related to an organization’s hardware and software. Strong communication and leadership skills are mandatory in this profession. This program has a vast scope and makes individuals employable on a global scale. If you are ready for an exciting and challenging career, apply to the program today!

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