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Artificial Intelligence In The Company: How To Adapt It To Work Better

Artificial intelligence in the company is a fundamental tool for maintaining and improving competitiveness. From virtual assistants to process automation, we see some interesting SME options. For several years, bringing AI into the company has been one of the big trends in the world of technology. In 2022, a Observatory recorded a record year for […]

Artificial Intelligence: It Is The Future Also For Marketing, But Few Use It

The state of things Artificial intelligence future of marketing. Reading the survey results by Inside Marketing, “77% of company managers believe in the importance of applying AI to the organization. 52% of business leaders then admit that this knowledge is not widespread within their company and that AI is unclear to many”.  This survey makes […]

Artificial Intelligence And Mobility – a Proactive Way To Manage Processes

Artificial Intelligence And Mobility, Take advantage of mobile technology to make traffic data even more meaningful. Engineers and technicians in today’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plants have a wide range of commonly available tools. In most cases, these experts cannot complain about the lack of available data, but in virtually all cases, we can talk about the […]

The Potential Of Artificial Intelligence In Maintenance

The Potential Of Artificial Intelligence, The year 2020 showed that it is possible to apply Darwin’s theory of the “survival of the fittest” to industrial enterprise management. Only the smartest companies can survive today’s aggressive competition and unstable economical environment. Fortunately, an ever-increasing modern generation of analytics offers business maintenance managers new tools to create […]

The use of artificial intelligence to set prices carries the risk of collusion

Enterprises have long used machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine the most effective pricing strategies for their products. The latest research by scientists from the University of California and Rice University shows that the use of new technologies can lead to price collusion between companies whose management they do not need to be aware […]

How To Prepare For The Future Of AI For Sales?

Organizations and companies that have incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their systems and workflow have immensely thrived and saved a lot of time and money. In addition, AI has positively impacted several sectors, including sales. Artificial intelligence in sales is growing exponentially, making experts and salespeople rethink and transform certain sales operations to increase operational […]

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