How To Prepare For The Future Of AI For Sales?

Artificial Intelligence

Organizations and companies that have incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into their systems and workflow have immensely thrived and saved a lot of time and money. In addition, AI has positively impacted several sectors, including sales.

Artificial intelligence in sales is growing exponentially, making experts and salespeople rethink and transform certain sales operations to increase operational efficiency.

Before we jump onto the preparation for AI in sales, let us find out what AI is in sales and its impact.

What is AI in Sales?

AI in marketing and sales uses modern technologies to help machines and bots perform human cognitive tasks much faster and more efficiently. AI in sales helps predict and find potential leads, optimize products prices as per the latest marketing trends, keep track of sales performance, and more.

To be ahead of the competition and be more efficient, the sales teams in several organizations need to adopt AI solutions, such as a sales assistant or conversational bots.

According to the recent State of Service report by Salesforce, more than 50% of service providers plan to add chatbots in the next one or one and a half years to enhance customer experience and increase sales.

Ways to Prepare for the Future of AI in Sales?

Here are three proven ways through which you can leverage AI for your sales business:

1. Chatbots for better customer engagement and higher sales

The Harvard Business Review states that around 40% of sales activities are possible to automate by incorporating sales automation AI.

Automating routine and repetitive tasks through chatbots takes a lot of burden off a sales agent’s shoulders, allowing them to work on other crucial and complex sales activities, such as enhancing customer experience by effectively addressing their concerns.

If programmed correctly, chatbots can:

  • Take customer orders and create contracts
  • Track appointments and communications
  • Process sales and other transactions
  • Gather customer and product information to analyze customer requirements

2. Predictive analytics for accurate sales forecasting

Chatbots gather customer information, recommend the services and products based on their past preferences, key areas of interest or places they visit on the website, purchase history, contact details, demographics, and more to predict future sales and prioritize leads. This process is called predictive analytics.

Such detailed data analysis helps determine key trends, accurate sales forecasts, and real-time user patterns.
This AI-assisted sales solution offers personalized insights to the businesses, and relevant and personalized offers or deals to customers, enhancing trust, loyalty, and overall experience.

3. AI tools and solutions to qualify quality and rich leads

Another crucial task AI solutions offer to sales is the leads gathering procedure. AI gathers customer information, contact details, email, etc., to follow up, qualify, and retain the leads.
This solution eliminates the need for salespeople to go through the time-consuming and mundane process of gathering leads, allowing them to focus on building customer relationships and trust.

Summing Up

AI for sales has a bright future, allowing businesses to leverage many efficient and modern technologies to ease sales operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Since certain activities like managing customer expectations, showing empathy towards customers, and more require human interaction, AI won’t replace sales agents. But AI-driven sales powered by leading AI solutions like the solutions allow these agents to avoid mundane tasks and focus on creative and complex sales tasks. These solutions offer intelligent AI-driven technologies to enhance your bank’s customer experience and increase sales revenue exponentially.

Hope this article helps you recognize the importance of AI in sales and prepares you to incorporate AI for the success of your business.

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