How Does AI Perform In The Game?

AI in the game

This depends on the workload of encoding the AI. The AI coding of some games is lazy, which leads to the weakening of the AI. Sometimes this can also cause ridiculous things. Some games deliberately set a weaker AI so that players can easily browse the game. These usually do not pose a challenge to the player. 

The AI coding of some games is correct and can achieve the desired purpose with the appropriate difficulty. From the player’s point of view, this is usually the most enjoyable. Is there a free publicly accessible artificial intelligence interface? It is HAARP AI, can it work in reverse? What are the benefits of using chatbots? What are some examples of artificial intelligence technology enabling new products or services (not just enhanced functions)? How to use vl_nnbnorm in my own neural network implementation But these are not real AI. The gaming industry simply boxed the phrase “AI” to its manually programmed characters. If you perform A on them, they will perform operation 1; otherwise, they will perform operation 

  1. If you do B around them, they will perform action 
  2. This is not true AI. AI stands for ” artificial intelligence “, there is no intelligence in accordance with the set program sequence. 

This begs the question, is there any AI in the game? The simple answer is yes, I believe you have heard of this kind of AI. Deep Blue (Chess Computer) – Wikipedia Then, you might answer “Well, yes, I know, but like popular PC games, is there really AI? The games I can play?” I won’t know the answer until this summer, but something very remarkable has happened this year. It seems that it is designed to answer your question. 

AI made by Google employees. Real AI can learn the game from scratch, play 24/7 games, record the actions of other players, and identify actions that a person should and shouldn’t do. Due to the unfair response time and accuracy, it has evolved from an advantage that is almost disproportionate to the most ordinary players to defeating every professional player in the competition. So you have it. 

In a lazy game, the AI you have is not even an AI. However, as long as you put in real effort, you can potentially get those AIs that are only seen in movies, they can really understand your work and show the performance you want. Plot turning point: After this special AI was released to the public as a challenge, someone defeated it. However, they did not use the typical straight-on fighting technique used by the professional player in the video. 

They found loopholes and strange ball movements that the AI hasn’t learned yet because no normal player has done it before. So the bottom line is that AI can be infinitely great, but humans always have a chance. Generally, the so-called AI in the game is not the same as the general AI. 

The AI in the game is a simulation similar to human behavior, but it is extremely rare to truly simulate the human thinking process or decision-making process. Usually, “AI” follows only a set of fixed rules. In fact, it is easy to make the computer’s AI more efficient than the player, because the computer is very fast and accurate, far surpassing humans. 

Therefore, one of the tasks of the AI designer is to make the AI less efficient than the player, but it is still challenging. How’s the effect? In terms of computer performance, it performs very well: in many games, you can see many actors controlled by AI in the same scene at the same time, and their actions are calculated every frame, that is, about 20-120 times per second. In terms of challenging behaviors, it all depends on their design level. In some games, they look stupid, in other games, they look smart. 

The FEAR series is one of the most challenging AI opponent games. However, players can still have the upper hand in the entire game.

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