In What Way Will Artificial Intelligence Play A Role In Politics

Artificial Intelligence.

The first thing that comes to mind is the complete contextual inference of the impact or change analysis of the existing system. This may sound bad, but I believe that one of the main problems in our world is human problems: too many people try to intervene in things that have become machine problems. This is not only a machine problem, but as a culture, we seem to have built something, these people usually use selfish or irrelevant prejudice motives to make people who think they deserve the power and control linger. The problem becomes more complicated when your people may not be able to correctly realize the right point of view, and this is the time the whole world needs.

At that time, it began to become so chaotic, because it was mainly because people could not choose who to act for what interests in the negotiation. If the level of power is high enough, it will have the consequence of “just let it work by itself”. People” are unacceptable. Normally speaking, the communication is interrupted at this point, and if you go anywhere, things start to turn sideways. This is the extreme case of the “You don’t know what you’re talking about” scene, except No one actually knows what they’re talking about because it’s too big and too fast. It took humans billions of years to build the contextual inferences we have? It seems that we may have reached some limits here, especially In terms of time, and through our behavior as human beings, the behavior that we create affects us all, has portrayed ourselves (between each other) as a corner.

If there is no artificial intelligence in the future, some extremely complex organizations (or world needs) that exist in this world may quickly stop operating to meet our urgent needs. If they don’t stop operating, they will definitely stop development because of this. Some people think that people have reached and surpassed this threshold. I can foresee that in some cases, certain business departments must be provided with “supervised AI deduction machines”, which is a regulatory requirement. The machine may eventually revolutionize the way meetings are conducted through improved efficiency and fast, real-time, and accurate review functions.

This will allow the government to choose to conceive some goals and propose all possible acceptable solutions to achieve the goals. If it eventually foreshadows me with a new organizational structure instead of the hierarchical structure we have now, I wouldn’t be surprised, because an AI machine might start to function in the most effective way for all possible problems. People will have the opportunity to experience a completely complete ideal system, including a leadership system including people. Finally, remember that people’s behavior is unreasonable.

These machines may not be irrational at all, and ultimately help answer the question that “surveillance” will be performed before humans can properly meet the needs. During elections, economics is often a big topic. The track record of economic success generated by AI applications may be a key point for voters. Generally, it may be possible to analyze and predict the reaction of different cultures to our behavior very quickly. This will be important for international diplomacy because it seems difficult for us to accept the idea that they will not react as we expect. After all, their thinking is different from ours.

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