Is It Possible To Detect Earthquakes Through a Smartphone?

Is It Possible To Detect Earthquakes Through a Smartphone

Will our smartphone soon be used to detect earthquakes? This is the proposal of Google, which announced its intention to introduce a seismic alert system on devices that run through its Android operating system.

Next, we will talk to you about Google’s bet.

The detector system

The system invented by the American giant will depend on accelerometers built into all current smartphones to detect signs of earthquakes. 

If the device detects any seismic activity, it will report the location of where the shaking occurred to an earthquake detection server created by Google. The latter will combine the information it received from multiple Android phones to determine if an earthquake is happening.

Additionally, if necessary, the system will automatically send alerts to other Android devices to help people protect themselves and find a safer place to take shelter out of reach of the shaking.

Application of the anti-seismic system

Overall, this innovation can allow many underdeveloped areas in the world to acquire a safe anti-seismic system without significant public investment by connecting Android phones.

To develop this system, Google partnered with authorities in California, a state heavily affected by earthquakes and under constant threat from the San Andreas geological fault. 

The American giant trusted the anti-seismic system present in the state, which, through its 700 seismometers installed by the American authorities, can detect earthquakes.

Therefore, Google intends to apply its anti-seismic system as a priority for the state of California. This was before implementing this system in other countries around the world in the medium term.

How will the system work?

Google plans to share data on earthquake-affected areas on Google Search. That is when a user searches for “earthquake” or “earthquake near me,” they will find results relevant to their area, as well as helpful resources on what to do after an earthquake.

However, the American giant plans to deploy the earthquake warning system in other parts of the United States and in other countries.

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