Your Website Doesn’t Have To Be For Everyone

Your Website

When we start our own new business, we would like to attract everyone. So we try to prepare our website and run our social media so that everyone feels that this place is especially for them.

Don’t go that way.

“There was not yet one born that would please everyone.”

The above quote perfectly illustrates the problem with this approach to internet marketing. There is no chance of meeting the tastes of every visitor, so designing a website must be tailored to a specific and narrow audience.

You probably already know who your target is if you’re starting a business, and you’ve viewed demographics and sales figures. If young women are banging doors and windows to buy clothes from your store, or mature men are looking for your legal advice, or you sell air conditioning to installers, not private individuals, this is your target. And it would help if you focused on them.

How they see you, that’s how they perceive you.

The most important thing is the appearance and content of the website. The language you use and the keywords you try to hit are of great importance. Example: “lawyer” versus “attorney.” “Car Insurance” versus “Car Insurance.” Phrases like these help position your website in Google search results, and it is therefore important that they correspond with the words your users are using. If you use specialized language, people may not be able to reach you.

Aesthetics are also important. Consider whether you want to appear attractive to young women or serious businessmen. Maybe you direct your offer to large companies? Take care of the right colors and graphics – you can use elegant or more youthful ones. Add a lot of light to the site to make it appear more modern. Use graphics that will reflect the needs and lives of your customers.

The most important thing in the beginning

Think about why users visit your website – what is their purpose? Is it your flagship product? About the service you specialize in? Make sure that this element of your business will be in the best place on the website. If most of your customers came for a specific thing anyway, there is no point in flooding users with the entire catalog of your company.

Remember that your website must change with your business. Keep it up-to-date, and don’t let it become obsolete. If you are retiring a service, don’t mislead your customers. If you change the target, change the look of the page as well. Good luck!

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