Real-Time Marketing, That Is An Effective Strategy In Social Media

Real-Time Marketing

While it seems that we are more likely to use streaming as users (e.g., podcasts), real-time marketing is still an important part of brands‘ strategy. A recent study by Monetate and Econsultancy shows that in the UK alone, there has been a 26% increase in conversion rate (i.e., 26% more people have used a service or product) due to real-time marketing.

In addition, it turns out that such a strategy increases the likelihood of using our offer, attracts followers, and, above all, strengthens other activities that we conduct on social media platforms. But before discussing the details, let’s answer the question: what is real-time marketing?

React even faster

Real-time marketing means content that responds to the latest developments. There is a lot going on on the web now, and news is appearing all the time. Our task, especially in social media, is to react to new trends and important events immediately, on an ongoing basis; In this way, we create a fluid discussion with our users who like it when websites respond to current needs and situations.

How can this be achieved? Flexibility is essential. Real-time marketing is impossible if we plan our posts a month or two ahead and don’t modify anything. In the network, the situation is dynamic all the time. It’s good to watch her and not be afraid of comments posted “hot.”

Planned improvisation

Does this mean that real-time marketing always has to be unplanned? On the contrary! Let’s assume a situation in which you know that an important event for your industry will take place in a few weeks. Think about how to outplay them – it would be best to show up and prepare a broadcast for the viewers. Or, you can mention it on your website and prepare a summary when it’s finished. This is responding to the immediate needs of your followers.

The situation is similar if you have been observing a growing trend among your recipients for some time. You can then consider it and prepare an interesting advertisement that addresses the issue – then be sure that viewers will appreciate the contribution to the discussion.

A recipe for success

First of all – watch! Pay attention to what is said on your profile or those operating in your industry. Secondly, don’t be afraid to improvise. Sometimes a post posted “fast,” but discussing the most pressing problem, will be more effective than a video prepared for six months.

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