Page Loading Speed – How To Measure It? And How To Check it?

Page Loading Speed

The Page Loading Speed is very important for many users. Fortunately, there are currently tools that allow you to measure these values efficiently. How can this be done? What program will be useful?

Website loading time

It turns out that the display speed of a given site is very important as it affects the level of user satisfaction. The visitor mainly wants to benefit from mobility and smooth data transfer, which significantly saves time. Nobody likes to wait for a page that takes a long time to load and causes our impatience. So let’s find out how to measure your charging speed. 

PageSpeed Insights

Google’s helpful tool, in this case, is Page Speed ​​Insights, which gives you an overview of your website’s display speed for free. It contains important information on the loading time, which is why beginners and experienced website owners are more and more willing to use it. The tool works by analyzing a given URL and then showing a list of potential issues and tips on fixing the inconvenience. 

Site loading speed

The value determined with Page Speed ​​Insights comes from the usage data of Google Chrome. Using the tool, a person obtains the following passwords: Slow, Medium, or Fast, which are divided into FCP and DLC values. FCP (First Contentful Paint) is an indicator that is designed to show how long it takes to display the first relevant content in the user’s browser. The DLC (DOM Content Loaded) refers to the time needed to load the entire HTML code of the analyzed website.

Another important consideration when checking your website speed is optimization. It is a percentage value that shows how well Google optimizes our website. The tool also shows the charging period as a percentage, broken down by FCP and DCL parameters. The more green area, in this case, the fewer optimization measures we should implement. 

There are many advantages to using Page Speed ​​Insights. It allows you to obtain a number of important pieces of information that will show us how to fix any problems and what issues are worth paying special attention to. Remember this – after all, and every user wants to use pages that display quickly.

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