Viral – What Is It? How Viral Marketing Works And How To Use It

Viral Marketing

We speak of viral marketing when content attracts users’ attention to such an extent that it is widely distributed to the public. Most often, memes or videos become virals, but it is possible to use a network of connections between recipients to spread our advertising campaign! After all, on social media, shares and post reactions are a determinant of success. So how do you get the attention of the community?

Pick up for action

The aim of these activities is to suit the tastes of the recipients so that they are willing to forward the post, even beyond our usual recipients. In other words, advertising must go viral and reach the wider community. Importantly, this happens only organically – any intrusive shares by the website owner are usually assessed negatively. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that paid-for marketing campaigns will trigger the popularity of our advertising. However, when they like it, users will send the content to their friends, thus creating a chain on which it will spread.

When designing an effective ad, make sure that its form is easy to pass on, preferably as an image or video.

Bring out the true beauty

The most important thing is to follow the example of brands that have managed to hit the tastes of their followers and make their posts viral. Example: In 2004, Dove launched an ad as part of True Beauty’s campaign. The video showed the difference in how women (not models!) See themselves and how others see them. The idea was born after the brand conducted a study that showed that only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful.

To this day, video remains the third most widely shared ad of all time, thanks to an in-depth analysis of Dove’s target audience. Discovering what will move your users is key to a campaign that will appeal to your audience.

Keep you entertained

Viral marketing concerns not only brands but also non-profit organizations. Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? A splash of cold water invented the ALS Association (ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). Where did the success come from? First of all, the ad encouraged recipients to create their own content, i.e., record themselves while completing the challenge. Secondly, three other people had to be nominated in the end, that is, continue with the chain of shares. Third – the challenge was just fun!

As a result of this campaign, the ALS Association raised $ 115 million. In the USA alone, over 2.5 million people participated.

Never give up

Viral marketing can be unpredictable. We don’t always get a good judgment of what will appeal to you and what will be considered artificial. However, the most important thing is to try your hand at creating unconventional content – and observe the reactions of the community.

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