The Motorola E32 Reveals Its Appearance. The Premiere Is Planned For Soon.

Motorola E32

The Motorola E32 reveals its appearance. Everything indicates that this is another model from the budget shelf. In this segment, Motorola’s smartphones once enjoyed the greatest triumphs. Now it is also an important player. This producer is also very popular in our country. Looking at the leaks, it can also be concluded that the upcoming model will appear soon.

  • Motorola E32 will be an interesting budgetary
  • quite efficient MediaTek will be used onboard
  • The Motorola E32 may have a pretty decent battery

Motorola E32

And what can we count on in the Motorola E32? In this case, the manufacturer will bet on MediaTek Helio G85. There will also be a maximum of 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of disk space on board. The latter can probably be extended with an external memory card. Everything also indicates that the smartphone will only support 4G networks.

Due to the little information about the Motorola E32 specification, it is not known what screen we will find here. It seems to be a panel larger than 6.6 inches made in IPS technology. What is puzzling, however, is the lack of a fingerprint reader. In the case of refreshing, the maximum value you can count on is 90 Hz.

In the case of the camera, it is known that the smartphone will offer a triple main camera. At least that’s what the renderings leaked to the network show. Another issue is that there is no confirmed information about its specifications. You can assume that the basic unit will receive a 48 or 50 Mpix matrix. There will also be an ultra-wide-angle camera with an 8 Mpix matrix, and the hole will be closed with a 2 Mpix “eye”.

Motorola E32 will probably offer a decent battery. If it follows the tradition, then there should not be a cell smaller than 5000 mAh with 18 W charging. The smartphone will work under the control of Android 12 with a light MyUX overlay.

At the moment, the official release date of the Motorola E32 is unknown. It seems, however, that it should appear in the coming weeks. The smartphone should be affordable, and it should also appear both in Europe and in our country.

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