Can An Ad Sell a Product By Itself? You Can Create One!


Advertising on the Internet is practically our daily bread. White noise attacks users from all sides, causing us to automatically ignore anything that looks like a banner ad on the site. As it turns out, the most effective slogans are not the most flashy or aggressive but simply substantive, well suited to the recipient.

If the advertisement interests the customer and induces him to buy it, it means that it is a good advertisement. Luckily for marketers, we can use a couple of wickets to target users better. Here they are!

You have to pay back.

In 1984, Robert Cialdini, an American psychologist, published his bestseller,  Influencing People. Theory and practice. In it, he describes six principles that make us extremely persuasive. The first is the rule of reciprocity. It says people want to pay back if they get something for free. Therefore, it is worth advertising for some free: for example, a free consultation or an e-book, a rebate code, a gift attached to the order. Thanks to this principle, you will achieve better results in your email campaigns or commercial offers.

Everyone says so, so it must be true.

When we make a decision, we look for affirmation from other people. Likewise, consumers seek confirmation from other Internet users that the product they want to buy is worth it. Social proof of rightness is often used in advertising slogans: “We have already been trusted by 100 entrepreneurs or 101”. The involvement of an influencer or an expert in advertising has a similar effect on the recipients.

Like this: I can’t buy it?

The rule of inaccessibility says that if we can’t have something, then… we want it even harder. The more complex something comes by, the more we want it. It is very easy to use this in advertising, for example, by introducing a limited version of products, free materials for subscribers or a lower price on the first day of sale.

As you said A, you have to say B.

Nobody likes to be seen as a flag in the wind. Therefore, once we declare ourselves to something, there is less chance that we will change our minds. Therefore, we should take care of customers who have already bought our product once; encourage their loyalty. And advertising is worth starting with the question: “Do you want to drink the highest quality coffee?”. The answer, of course, is “yes,” so the next answer should be “yes” as well.

When we like someone

Positive emotions are the most effective advertising. That is why it is worth building good relations with recipients by shortening the distance, directness and arousing sympathy. Thanks to this, the customer will stay with you for longer!

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