Your Online Store Needs These Modules Urgently.

Online Store.

You have already established an online store, prepared a logo and catchy advertising slogans. The sale has started and is going pretty well. Is it finally time to rest on our laurels?

Unfortunately – business never sleeps! Now is the time to improve and streamline your business, especially from the technical side. Here are a few modules that will make making purchases in your store on the WordPress platform (WooCommerce) a very good experience for the customer, after which he will come back to us again. After all, there is nothing worse than non-working technicalities!


Nowadays, a lot of emphases is placed on efficient customer service. Larger companies often rely on automation, but this is not the best solution because we still prefer our problems to be solved by people, not machines. It inspires greater trust and warms relationships.

Luckily, there are some free chat rooms we can equip the online store with. Those are:

  • Smartsupp – Conversations can be managed anywhere from a smartphone. The paid version also offers the option of recording users’ mouse movements.
  • Crisp. Chat – the software does not have a Polish version but offers a 30-day history of conversations with recipients (Smartsupp saves only two weeks). You can use it from your cell phone.


This is an option that allows you to increase your sales. We see this solution at every step in stationery stores: at the checkout, cheap products or the current sale offer are displayed to encourage customers waiting in the queue to buy. Up-selling on the Internet works on the same principle, showing the user suggestions that do not significantly increase the value of the cart.

The plugins that work for WooCommerce are:

  • Up-Sell Products Display,
  • WooCommerce Unlimited Upsell Lite.

The simpler, the better

Do you know why many orders get abandoned? Due to the complicated registration or purchase process, especially if the payment forms display all fields that are not mandatory at all.

Flexible Product, Fields PRO WooCommerce plugin, simplifies the website by hiding unnecessary questionnaire elements.

Google Analytics

Finally, it is worth reminding about the possibility of combining a WordPress store with the Google Analytics tool. All you need is an account in the Gmail domain.

This application generates reports necessary for business management, such as the number of visitors, their location or the device from which they made purchases. Such data allows for a better adaptation of the website to the needs of customers.

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