Essential Apps To Have On Your Smartphone


Everyone seems to have a smartphone lately. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone staring down at a bright screen – it might be an iPhone, Blackberry, or one of the many other brands. Unfortunately, smartphones are inherently fragile devices that can easily break or become lost/stolen. This means you should have some essential applications on your phone to help protect any personal data you might have stored.

Here are some useful apps to install on your device:

Password Keeper

Password Keeper is a useful little app that allows you to store your passwords and other sensitive data in an encrypted file on your phone. That way, if someone gets their hands on your phone, they won’t be able to see any of the information you have stored. This app uses AES-256 encryption, which is widely considered to be one of the most secure encryption algorithms in use today.

The app can also generate passwords for you, and it will keep track of usernames and websites so that you don’t have to. This makes it easy for you to log in without having to type any information except your master password!

App Lock

Everyone has secret apps they don’t want anyone seeing, whether it’s a Weight Watchers journal, naughty pics from last night, or documents containing your family’s social security numbers. You can keep these apps locked by installing an app like App Lock. This will require you to create a new PIN code whenever you try to open one of the protected apps so that nobody will be able to access it without your permission.

Program Lock

If you have confidential files saved on your phone, you should also protect them with Program Lock. This is another app that will keep prying eyes out and will require you to enter a PIN code in order to open any of the protected apps. if you are an avid casino gamer on NetBet, this will help secure your data. Again, nobody will be able to access any apps without your PIN code.


Have you ever considered what happens to all those pieces of junk mail you receive every day?
Where do they go once the paperboy comes around and throws them on your doorstep?
Where can you even report this misbehavior?

PaperKarma is a great solution for getting rid of pesky junk mail. This app will allow you to take pictures of all the junk mail you regularly receive and then submit those photos to PaperKarma. This will alert the paper company that they shouldn’t bother delivering this particular piece of mail, which means no more clutter!


How many times have you been in a movie and suddenly realized that it’s much more interesting to watch than to actually listen? Or maybe you’re just feeling a little self-conscious about running out of the theater or asking for your money back. Don’t worry, if this sounds familiar, we’ve got the answer: RunPee! This app will tell you when you can run out to use the restroom or get a refill on your popcorn without missing any important scenes.


This is an extremely useful application for anyone who doesn’t have very much experience with the law. LegalEagleLawyer is basically an “on call” lawyer that you can hire whenever you need legal assistance. This is a great way to get help from a professional when you’re in need of legal advice but don’t have the time or resources to hire your own lawyer.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the useful apps you can install on your smartphone to make life a little easier. Remember, it’s always important to protect yourself and your information if you have anything that you need to keep secret. There are many options out there–just find one that works best for your needs!

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