Is An Influencer Always… Human?

virtual influencer

virtual influencer : We all understand the role influencers play in the advertising campaigns of many modern companies. Online personalities with a group of devoted fans are a good source for acquiring new customers and a way in which we can build awareness of our brand and trust in it. However, here the question arises: does such a powerful star have to be a real person? We are already in a hurry to explain what we mean.

What is a virtual influencer?

This is a completely new look at today’s marketing with the use of internet personalities. This is because he is a fictional character, someone like a robot that only exists on social networks. And although at first glance, such a solution seems strange, the success of the teenager Miquela Sousa proves the wide possibilities of this advertising strategy.

The girl does not exist outside the world of social media. She is only a computer-generated character, which in no way prevents her from posting emotional posts, having a group of thousands of followers, and even giving interviews and recording songs (sic!). Of course, there are marketing specialists behind all the robots creativity to advertise numerous products of well-known and less known brands.

Pros of a virtual influencer

Miquela, of course, is not the only one, and the very idea of ​​fictional stars is gaining more and more popularity. Without a doubt, using an online character to advertising your product or business has many advantages over a traditional “live” influencer. Here are a few of them:

  • the generated person can operate without interruption (not limited by the conditions of human existence, e.g. sleep, time to eat or free time, or the need to negotiate a contract or potential conflicts of interest),
  • there is no risk that it will cover our product with a bad reputation (because it is under the control of marketing masters who know exactly what they are doing; a living character can always go wild, which will have a negative impact on the companies that cooperated with her),
  • is something unique and therefore interesting (attracts attention and interest).

Is it worth it?

Although we can still turn our noses at the credibility evoked by a fictional character, it does not change the fact that he can reach a really wide audience with his message. It can be an extremely effective solution if we target our product among young people who will appreciate this type of technological innovation. It is worth a try – the more that the help of a virtual influencer is often much cheaper than a living, famous person.

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