5 Ways To Increase Backlinks Naturally – What Are Quality Backlinks?


One of the factors necessary to raise the search ranking is to increase the number of backlinks. Are there any countermeasures?

The backlink here means a link from the outside, and of course, it seems that it is a countermeasure method that you can not adjust by yourself, but it is an important element that is indispensable for recent SEO measures, so firmly Let’s take measures and understand the tips for acquiring backlinks.

And the content that collects backlinks has a positive effect on the search ranking, creating a virtuous cycle where more backlinks gather.

Therefore, it is important to keep the content in a state that users like by rewriting.

This time, I would like to explain how to increase the number of backlinks naturally and the quality.

What Is a Backlink?

Incoming links are the main countermeasures as external measures and refer to links installed from external sites.

In addition to the links from this external site, the links directed to the site are called “internal links“, which are also important elements for higher-level display as internal measures.

Also, in the past, it was ranked high simply because of the large number of “backlinks”, but due to updates such as the penguins update that Google has made many times to improve the quality of search results. Currently, “quality” is more important than the “quantity” of links.

How To Increase Natural Backlinks

As mentioned above, it is effective to collect “backlinks” for higher-level display, but since you cannot adjust it yourself, create a mechanism to collect such high-quality natural backlinks with attractive content. Is important.

Therefore, you may want to create pages for different purposes, such as a page for collecting PVS, a killer page for making CVS, and a page for collecting backlinks.

As your site gets stronger, individual pages will be easier to go up.

In other words, it may not be necessary to collect backlinks on all pages, so hold down the points firmly and aim to acquire many backlinks.

Now, I will explain the tips of the content that effectively collects backlinks.

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Understand User Needs

To increase the quality of natural backlinks, what exactly are the target users looking for in their search queries? It starts with understanding “search needs” such as.

What kind of content will give the correct answer to the search query when selecting keywords? It is important to thoroughly investigate the search intent such as, and even after publishing the page, it is important to check what kind of search query is flowing in with the search console.

Digging Into The Content

Once you know your search needs by keyword, the next step is to make it more detailed.

However, even if it is explained monotonously, the user’s mind does not move.

It is desirable that the content is being viewed by the user and read more and more, such as illustrations, tables, photographs, and in some cases videos and partial excerpts from other sites (using the correct citation method).

Keeping in mind that Google is always user-first and constantly optimizing search engines, it is important to dig deeper into such content to make it more detailed and useful.

The caveat here is that you don’t miss your search intent.

Since the theme of comprehensive content that is too deep is blurred, it is important to investigate search needs when selecting keywords.

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Organize Site Content

The content that is dug deep as described above will be rich in content.

Therefore, it is also very important to have a format that is comfortable for users to read.

Even if it covers good content, if it is a page with characters listed like a novel, the reading rate is probably low and it is not liked by search users.

In such cases, pay attention to the following points and try to create content that is easy for users to see and use.

  • Make appropriate line breaks and margins
  • Add strength to headings, etc.
  • Show concisely in a list if possible
  • Illustrate
  • Organize the table of contents

The above is just an example, let’s make the page structure conscious of usability by showing it according to your own site and blog.

Maintenance Of SNS Network

Next, in order to create a virtuous cycle such as “spreading” to make high-quality content widely known, it is essential to install SNS buttons.

Of course, buzzed articles can be expected to be accessed a lot, so it is important not only to send them on a daily basis but also to build a network with influencers who have an influence on the genre.

And, of course, as access increases, articles that introduce such content will come out.

In this way, the number of “backlinks” to your own page will naturally increase, which will lead to an increase in the evaluation of the entire site, so at least check the installation of Twitter and Facebook, and the setting of each OGP tag. Let’s go.

Recently, marketing using Instagram is also common.

Please set up an SNS that suits your site and prepare a mechanism to spread it.

Establish a Professional Position

When users recognize you as a “famous person” or “expert” in the genre/industry for content, the content you write becomes valuable as expert information.

For that purpose, it is important to make various compound keywords derived from the keywords into detailed contents and comprehensively construct the information as internal links.

And, such content with specialized knowledge is recognized as highly credible, and it is easy to receive backlinks by quoting, etc., and it will be introduced on many pages.

Also, internal links with related content will affect your search ranking, so please try it.

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What Is a High-qQality Backlink?

High-quality backlinks are links that come naturally, and for that matter, backlinks from pages that have already been evaluated in that genre are high-quality links.

Of course, links from sites of different genres are also possible, so it’s not that there is no value other than links that match the content.

And to do that, it’s important that you understand how to increase backlinks as described above and want to share your site and content.

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About Unnatural Backlinks

On the other hand, low-quality unnatural backlinks mean those that intentionally raise the ranking, such as backlinks from self-performing sites with thin content, and such sites are penalized by Google. It will not be displayed in the search results.

The following links are likely to be subject to this unnatural backlink and penalty.

  • Links from non-indexed pages
  • Links from a language different from the content

Of course, since this backlink itself is highly effective, there are many sites that take measures with self-performing links after knowing the risks, but I do not know when such a penalty will be taken.

Therefore, focus on content enhancement to get the highest quality links possible.


So, this time, I explained in detail how to increase “backlinks”, which is very effective for high-level display, but after all, “attractive content” is indispensable to increase natural backlinks. increase.

In other words, the method of increasing backlinks is very simple, and if search users can browse your content and be satisfied, it will probably increase natural backlinks.

To that end, first of all, let’s investigate and identify the content that the user is looking for by using a search query, and aim for better content.

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