Monitoring And Analysis Of Social Networks In Communication Agencies

Monitoring And Analysis Of Social Networks In Communication Agencies

Social network monitoring and analysis tools are essential for a communication agency, among other things, because it is challenging to provide customer service without knowing what is being said about them in the digital world. Knowing and understanding what is happening in the client’s market context is necessary.

A monitoring tool helps to know what is being said on your clients’ social networks to develop a positioning strategy and achieve the client’s objectives.

This information is beneficial for, for example, preventing brand crises, planning strategies, and setting brand objectives. Monitoring a client’s brand is a basic layer on which communication agencies can base the work done with clients.

Benefits of monitoring social networks in a communication agency

The main benefits of a monitoring tool are the following:

  • Analysis of the customer context. For a communication agency, monitoring is essential to work with clients since it provides a first analysis of the current situation and what is being said about clients in the market. Without this monitoring, says Fuster, the agency goes blind when developing a strategy with the client because much information is left aside.
  • Mark KPIs in accordance with the client’s objectives. With a social media monitoring and analysis tool, it is possible to know in real-time if the objectives set with the client are being met and to adapt the strategy to achieve them periodically.

Some KPIs to take into account are: if the conversation that is being had about the brand goes according to the terms that the client wants, if the discussion about the brand tends to be positive, if the events of the brand have a reflection in social networks etc.

AI and Big Data in the monitoring and analysis of social networks

Current trends in monitoring talk about Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, blockchain, etc. Communication agencies still have a way to go in this regard, but these technologies are the way to go.

Applying Artificial Intelligence and Big Data techniques in analyzing sentiment and the distribution of the different mentions in social networks so that the tool learns and improves its results.

These technological advances can help companies obtain a global vision and, at the same time, be more precise about what is said about their product or brand in the digital world. This is an essential starting point to work on positioning and strategies in the company’s social networks. 

It was only possible for brands to analyze and study a large amount of data from their users on social networks when technologies such as AI and Big Data spread, a change in mentality will make it possible to personalize their communications to their customers and the products offered.

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