All About iOS 14.5: Release Date, Compatibility, And News

iOS 14.5

What could be the most important update in the history of iOS 14 is approaching, we are talking about iOS 14.5 ( already available in beta ) and which will bring with it numerous innovations, the greatest before next September when, probably, the iOS 15 version will arrive.

New In iOS 14.5

iOS 14 was released in September 2020 along with the iPhone 12. Since then, several new versions have been released, aimed above all at improving safety (even if there are small functional innovations in them). As has almost always happened, however, Apple is used to releasing a major update of its operating systems halfway between the launch of the previous (iOS 14) and future (iOS 15) version. iOS 14.5, like all previous, carries on the operating system by operating more deeply on the code and introducing new features that Apple cannot postpone until September, in the pain of falling behind the competition. Let’s start with all the news that we publish just below that it is by no means certain that those that have been seen so far are actually present in the final version of iOS 14.5. It has rarely happened that technology or a function for reasons that are never formalized and often are also unclear are postponed or even never adopted again.

iPhone Unlock With A Faceplate

Among the main useful functions for users, considering the particular historical moment in which we find ourselves, the one that will allow a simpler release, even with the mask worn. Obviously, Apple does not discount on security, and for this, for the new system to work, it will be necessary to have also paired an Apple Watch with your iPhone. Therefore, all those who do not own the Apple smartwatch are excluded from this function.

the icon that symbolizes the unlocking mask in iOS 14.5

This particular category of users, when wearing Apple Watch will be able to activate a function that allows you to use Face ID to unlock iPhone even if the face is obscured by a mask. Technically speaking, iOS uses it as an additional function to ensure that it is really the owner of the phone who requests the display of the iPhone content for recognition that the Apple Watch itself does. At that point, the iPhone is activated with even a partial scan of the face. When unlocking occurs, haptic feedback is heard and a notification is received on Apple Watch to inform that the unlocking procedure was successful, along the lines of what is already happening now by unlocking the Mac using the Apple Watch.

New Emojis

There will be 217 new emojis on iOS 14.5, including new skin tone variations for popular emojis like couple kisses. There will be new hearts on fire, faces sighing, faces in the clouds, and faces with spiral eyes to signal a state of general confusion. There will no longer be blood in the syringe emoji, so as to make it less traumatic, and bring it closer to the idea of ​​a vaccine and raise awareness of the vaccination campaign. We will also have a modified headphones icon in the AirPods Max style.

Some of the new icons of iOS 14.5

Safe Browsing Mode

Apple has confirmed that with the latest beta of iOS 14.5, Google’s Safe Browsing requests go through Apple‘s servers to prevent data from being returned to Google. In this way, users can continue to be notified of any fraudulent sites, but at the same time, Google will not be able to access certain information such as the URL we are trying to visit. This is one of the many privacy features that Apple is constantly introducing and that has also sparked protests and discontent from Facebook and are apparently convincing some advertisers to shift their advertising investments to the Android world.

Stop “Zero Click” Attacks

Among the innovations that Apple has in store with the upcoming iOS 14.5, as we explain here, are changes that will make it more difficult for cybercriminals to carry out “zero clicks” attacks. By “zero clicks” we mean particular vulnerabilities that allow cybercriminals to try to take control of a target device without the need for the interaction of the victim user, for example, convincing him to click on certain phishing links. It is known that an iMessage bug in iOS 13.5 allowed some governments in the Persian Gulf to steal data from the iPhone of Al Jazeera journalists.

The Default Music Player of Your Choice

Apple Music, if you want, will no longer be the default music player. And in fact, the first time you ask Siri to play music, all the music streaming services installed on your device will be listed, allowing you to choose the one that will become the default. And it will even be possible to set Spotify, the main and most qualified competitor of Apple Music.

The panel that offers the choice of music services in iOS 14.5

Tracking Transparency App

Among the most contested security features ever by giants like Facebook, the features of App Tracking Transparency. Initially planned on iOS 14, Apple has postponed them to iOS 15.4. In Settings, users will be able to see which apps have asked for permission to track their own and make changes if they see fit. When enabled, a new app tracking transparency feature on iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS will require apps to obtain user permission before tracking their data in apps or websites owned by other companies.

PS5 And Xbox Series Controllers

In the update to iOS 14.5, Apple has integrated support for the latest controllers from Sony and Microsoft, allowing the use of PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers with iPhones and iPads. This feature could be very useful when thinking about the Apple TV; There is currently no information on whether it will actually appear in tvOS but it is very likely that it will also be available in the operating system for the set-top box.


Siri will be able to call the emergency services with the key phrase “Hey, Siri, call an emergency”. A three-second countdown will start, within which the request can be canceled.

Incident Reporting In Maps

On iOS 14.5, Apple has integrated a feature in the Maps app that allows drivers to report accidents, road hazards, speed checks, and other problems to defeat traffic, similar to those offered by the Waze app, with the “wazers ”(Drivers, map editors and beta testers) who contribute to real-time navigation and help each other to get to your destination more easily.

In iPadOs 14.5 Scribble Supports Italian

This is a novelty that concerns only those who have an iPad, but it is not a small note: iPadOS 14.5 which allows the automatic transformation of handwritten text into typed text, with Italian. This is reported by Macrumors, explaining the writing and conversion processes take place directly on the device, so the information remains confidential and safe. 

Other Small News

Apparently, iOS 14.5 will introduce a long series of other innovations of lesser importance than those we have marked, but some of some interest

  • In Apple Music some songs allow you to share the lyrics of the songs in Instagram and iMessage cards
  • reminders can be sorted by date, name, deadline, priority
  • By attaching the wallet to the back of an iPhone 12 using Magsafe, a strong haptic signal is perceptible
  • The iPad boot screen is now suitable for booting horizontally
  • There are several changes to the code that refer to functions and accessories such as Airbags, Smart Battery Case (perhaps for iPhone 12), new CarPlay functions
  • Where is support for more headphones, including PowerBeats Pro

IOS 14.5 Compatibility

iOS 14.5 will be compatible with all the same devices that already run iOS 14. So, iPhone 6S and later, up to iPhone 12, as well as iPhone SE, iPod touch of the seventh generation.

How To Download The iOS 14.5 Public Beta

The recommendation to everyone is not to download a beta version including that of iOS 14.5, on a phone used daily. There is a risk, far from theoretical, of finding yourself with a malfunctioning iPhone or, even worse, of having all the data destroyed. Once the warning has been launched, those wishing to launch into the future of downloading the beta will have to subscribe to Apple’s beta software program. To do this, remember, it is not necessary to be a developer, but it will be sufficient to go to this address and register. You can do this by entering your Apple ID and password that you already use as an account for iPhone and iPad. Once you join the program, you can go to Settings> Software Update and click on download and settings as soon as you see the availability of iOS 14.5 Beta.

How To know That iOS 14.5 Is Available And How To Download It

The advice, as already anticipated, is to wait for the final version, also because it is now close to launching. When the update is released, you will receive a notification informing you of the availability of iOS 14.5. If this does not happen, simply go to Settings> Select General> Software Update. Here you can start the download. In any case, Macitynet will report the launch immediately. It should also be noted that due to the particularities of Apple’s distribution system, not all those who can download iOS 14.5 will have the opportunity to do so simultaneously. In some cases it can take several tens of minutes, sometimes even an hour before an update is visible to anyone.

Release Date iOS 14.5

Apple does not officially announce the release of a new version of iOS, or rather, does not announce it. Obviously, there are important clues that let us know when it will be available. And in fact, considering that the developer beta of iOS 14.5 was released on February 1st and the beta released soon after, and considering that the final versions come out roughly once a month, the final version was expected by February. However, this was not the case. Probably the debut will take place in the first fifteen days of March.

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