How To Improve The SEO Positioning Of Your Store?

SEO Positioning

What is the SEO positioning of your store? Have you ever wondered why a page appears first when you do a Google search? Do you know what criteria are used to define the order of appearance in engines? The answer to these three questions is simple, and it is about obtaining a greater influx of visitors through the publication of content that is relevant to users and to search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo!

The relevance of a certain section or article on a web page is classified with very specific criteria. And, it must be said that a physical or virtual store can achieve greater coverage and expansion when it manages to be among the first results of an internet search.

Optimizing a site or content for a search engine is called SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). Learn how you can benefit from it with these practical tips.

Recommendations To Achieve The SEO Positioning Of Your Store: The Basics

These are some of our recommendations to improve your SEO positioning for your online store.

Choose The Right Domain

Choose the appropriate domain name. Choose an option that is easy to structure and remember, and that is closely related to the product or products you want to market. You should also pay attention that the writing is correct, avoid using hyphens and keep the words chosen to enter your site short and simple.

Give Importance To Your Site Descriptions

When we do a search on Google, all we see is the title and description of the article, which is why it is so important that these two aspects are relevant and attractive to the user. Not only will you achieve better positioning on the internet, but many more potential customers will visit your store.

Post Unique And Original Content For Your Products

For search engines, it is not enough that you post a photo and a one-line description. When you put descriptions or reviews of your products for civil discourse, it improves the SEO positioning of your store, and the consumer has more information about that item they are planning to purchase.

Make Videos Of Your Products

When you have a new or featured product, produce a video that gives information to the user or ask for testimonials of the operation of a service. In addition to captivating consumers, you will get the search engine to put you in a privileged place. Multimedia content is a key factor in indexing a website.

Customize Section URLs And Image Tags

When you allow Google to get the default name for the image you uploaded or content you posted, the names have nothing to do with the product. That is why it is important that you take advantage of the links and the multimedia search options by renaming your files and matching them with the keywords.

Spend Time And Effort Choosing Your Search Terms

To give consumers the product or service they want, you must know what they are looking for on the internet. There are tools like Long Tail Pro that allow you to see how many searches the keyword you have in mind has, what are its variations and how difficult it will be to position it on the web.

Create Optimized Content

It is difficult to write descriptions or content about a specific product, so it is recommended that virtual stores have a blog. A blog post will allow you a greater volume of text and better use of the keyword you chose. In each post, you should make sure that the word is in the title of the article, in the body of the text and in a subtitle.

In this regard, it is also beneficial to include variations or synonyms of the term and add links that lead to other sections of your store. If you want better SEO positioning of your store, you should also promote your publications on social networks with a large number of affiliated users.


Also, remember that Google places great importance on the time the consumer stays on your page and on the readability statistics of your texts. Look for your content to engage the customer and lead them to navigate your site over and over again.

A prominent presence in a search engine can get thousands of more people to visit your store and buy your products. Although SEO is not a short process, its results make it worthwhile. 

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