RARBG Proxy List & Mirror Websites For 2021| Best VPNs To Use For Rarbg Proxies


RARBG is torrent files and magnet links providing a website, which has been popular from 2014. This website uses the BitTorrent protocol and facilitates peer-to-peer file sharing. This particular site has been appearing in the Torrent freak’s most-visited torrent website in the year 2020. You can download any number of torrent files from this website but you cannot upload a file. 

RARBG website was founded in the year 2008 in Bulgaria and if you can see the last two words of RARBG Proxy is BG which means Bulgaria. From then this website has been serving the audience with the pirated video content. This website publishes HD quality movies, software, games and music files too.

Along with these this website provides a lot of anime stuff which attracts millions of anime lovers to this website. This website became very popular in the early 2010s and in 2019 Government officials have listed this as a notorious piracy website.

RARBG has got blocked in many countries due to copyright issues and here are some popular countries that blocked the website officially are Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, India and Greece. Rarbg website pirates all the new releases of Hollywood and in the recent years they focused more focussed on Indian films which grabbed huge buzz and this website pirated and published all the recent movies from Bollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood.

As Covid-19 has attacked the whole world the movie releases took a break and moviemakers focussed on the web series and short films. All these short films and web series were launched on OTT platforms like Disney Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. This step benefitted the pirating teams; pirating the videos from OTT is very easy when compared with pirating from theatres. So, all the latest movies are seen on RARBG’s website very fast within hours from their release.

How To Use Rarbg proxies/Rargb Mirror Sites/Rarbg Website?

This website’s functionality is the same as other piracy websites and it’s pretty much easy and simple for every user who has used any piracy websites once in their lifetime. If you haven’t used them before we will explain it to you clearly. Just follow the below steps and you download any number of movies and any number of times, All you just need is to have a good internet connection with a good VPN installed.

  • Enable a good quality VPN on your PC.
  • Just Google any RARBG Proxy or RARBG Mirror websites.
  • You will be directed to the homepage of the website which is filled with all the movies, web series data
  • In the torrent search bar, pick a category to download.
  • Select the desired movie and just click it. 
  • Click on the proper file to download and open it with a BitTorrent client like uTorrent.

What Can You Do If A RARBG Website Is Blocked In Your Country?

Solution 1: VPN


You can simply find a good free VPN available in your country and download it and learn how to access it and use RARBG by using it.

Sometimes you might not find a FREE VPN  then don’t worry we will provide you with a good list of all the affordable VPNs. You might face trouble in finding the free VPNs too. Again no need to worry, we will provide you with the list of free VPNs below. So, VPN usage is a good and suggestable solution for accessing RARBG if your country or internet service provider blocks it. Refining the tons of VPNs available on the internet is a huge task and we did all that work and brought you the best VPNs in the market.

Here is the list of free and paid VPNs for you

  • PureVPN
  • Touch VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN 
  • Hotspot Shield VPN 
  • Cyber Ghost 
  • Ipvanish
  • Surfshark
  • Tunnelbear
  • Cyberghostvpn
  • Ultravpn
  • Veepn
  • Windscribe
  • Vyprvpn

Solution 2: Proxy 

You can start using a proxy server which is a bridge between your computer and the destination server and here are some of the proxy websites which can help you in enjoying RARBG website. Proxies are the best suggestable platforms for accessing blocked websites such as RARBG, 13377x or Movierulz.

These will help you a lot and if you find one server is not working you can immediately try another. It is just because there are plenty of proxy servers available on the internet and we have refined them and brought the best 10 proxy servers for you to use. There are special browsers like Tor Browser which helps you to access all the proxies of Rarbg website.

100% Working Rarbg Proxies

Rarbg Proxy Name Rarbg Proxy URL

  • Rarbg Proxy 1: https://rarbgaccess.org/index53.php
  • Rarbg Proxy 2: https://rarbgaccess.org/index80.php
  • Rarbg Proxy 3: https://rarbgaccess.org/index52.php
  • Rarbg Proxy 4: https://rarbgaccess.org/index54.php
  • Rarbg Proxy 5: https://rarbgaccess.org/index55.php
  • Rarbg Proxy 6: https://rarbgaccess.org/index56.php
  • Rarbg Proxy 7: https://rarbgaccess.org/index57.php
  • Rarbg Proxy 8: https://rarbgunblock.com/index70.php
  • Rarbg Proxy 9:  https://rarbgaccess.org/
  • Rarbg Proxy 10: https://rarbgproxysite.

Solution 3: Mirror Sites

A mirror website is a website which is just like a mirror for some XYZ website. These mirror websites are those which have the almost same content and give the same feel as the original website. Whenever the original RARBG website is down or blocked these will be a great time-saver for you. Use these RARBG Proxy and RARBG Mirror sites for saving your time. Some of the below-mentioned proxies will give you a better experience than the original Rarbg website. These websites are accessible on mobile phones also. Just a point to mention, some mirror sites are made with a motive to harm you or your PC. Never click on any ads or open the click baits. They can land you in serious trouble. Sometimes your system can be hacked or some strong virus can be sent to attack your system. So, we suggest you install a quality antivirus in your PC before you use RARBG website.

  1. Kickass Proxy sites
  2. Piratebay Proxy sites
  3. Extratorrent Proxy sites
  4. https://rarbgget.org/
  5. https://proxyrarbg.org/
  6. http://rarbgto.org/


To conclude, Rarbg is a solid website which has got a very good UI and that gives you a smooth user experience. This website is transformed as the best destination for watching and downloading all the latest movies which are pirated. This website is blocked in many nations and by many ISP providers but this website always remains in existence by changing the domain name and one point to be noted is it can change its domain extension but the word “RARBG” will be mentioned in the main domain name. So, it will be easy to find out its new domain. But, we suggest you stay away from piracy websites and enjoy movies and web series most ethically.


TechTodayPost is an international online journal which covers different fields and we don’t promote or encourage any sort of illegal activities. We published this article for educational purposes and we don’t promote any sort of piracy activity. We strongly suggest you stay away from any piracy content posting websites like Rarbg or Tamil rockers or any such website. These websites can steal your data and they can empty your online bank accounts too. Stay safe and enjoy movies or web series in Theatres and OTT platforms.

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