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Introduction To 4Movierulz:

4Movierulz or Movierulz4 is a torrent-based website that publishes all the latest movies without obtaining copyrights. This illegal website posts all the newly released movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and other language movies. We will tell you how this website functions; first of all, whenever a movie releases the team of 4Movierulz wap or Movierulz website, shoots or pirates the movie in a theatre which is well known to them, and then they will publish it on their website. 

You can watch the piracy version of the movie immediately on this website after the release and this version of the film will be named DVD-rip, the quality will be very low to watch, and you may encounter audio breaks and cuts in a few scenes. After a few days, they will shoot a better quality video of a telecasting movie in a better place, update it, and name it HD Rip

History Of 4Movierulz or Movierulz4 Website

Movierulz.com is the official and first domain address of the Movierulz website. But, many countries started banning this website because of its activity, as this website promotes all the piracy movies and publishes them immediately after their release in the theatres. And piracy has become a significant headache for movie makers as they started losing a tremendous amount of money because of piracy. So, they always request the respective governments and Cybercrime teams to block 4Movierulz wap and ban it as well. 

As they say, every problem has a solution, and the team always finds alternative ways to bring the 4Movierulz website back to life. And most of the time, they slightly modify its domain name and bring it back. Currently, this website is working with the domain URL: www.4movierulz.la. This URL might change in the next few hours too so, if you want to enjoy movies in piracy(we don’t suggest or support it), keep track of this website and enjoy.

Overview Of 4Movierulz or Movierulz4 Website

4Movierulz wap or Movierulz website has a black theme with a tagline Watch Bollywood and Hollywood Full Movies Online Free. You can find a small search bar on the right top corner, where you can enter the name of the movie you desire to watch or download. And right below that, you can see a menu line with HOME, FEATURED, HOLLYWOOD, BOLLYWOOD, TAMIL, TELUGU, MALAYALAM, OTHER, GENRES, and DVDRIP as categories. Then you will notice a small ad for their mobile application. Also, 4Movierulz has its app too.

You can find it on 4Movierulz ds or Movierulz website or any other private source on Google as it’s officially got banned. This website also publishes songs and other content like movie teasers and trailers. Then you will see a long line of the feature movies on the left side, and on the right side, you can see a list of all the recent movies. 

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What Happens Inside the 4Movierulz website?

If you click on a movie on 4Movierulz or Movierulz4 website, you will be redirected to a page with all the information about the movie. On that page, you will find all the details about the movie and a few torrent magnet links with the text Get This Torrent with the size of the file(2.3 GB) and quality(1080p). Once you choose the torrent link and click on download, and you can open it with any BitTorrent app and the file automatically starts downloading on your PC. After completing the download, you can watch the movie any number of times on your PC and share it with any sharing device.

You can enjoy streaming just by clicking the link. Also, there will be links provided below the torrent magnets to watch the movie online. And, you can also find web series and short films from different languages and movies on the 4Movie rulz ds or Movierulz website.

4Movierulz or Movierulz4 APK APP Download

Name             : 4Movierulz APK
Version           : v4.0
Size                 : 3’6 MB
Offered By      : Movierulz Website
Downloads      : 6 Million+

Mirror or Proxy Sites For 4Movierulz or Movierulz4 website

As we mentioned earlier, this website will permanently get blocked and banned at some point of time. So, it would be best if you had a solution to enjoy movies uninterruptedly. Yes, there is a solution for such people and the solution is mirror or proxy sites are the websites that will replicate the original site, or they will establish a path to the original site without getting blocked. 4Movie rulz or Movierulz website also has many mirror websites that almost have the same domain name and look and feel. We have done extensive research and shortlisted a few top mirror sites which are active now, please find the list of 4Movierulz ds or Movie rulz mirror websites below.

  • Movierulz.me
  • Movierulz2.pro
  • Movierulz.NH
  • 2Movierulz
  • 5movierulz
  • Moovierulz2
  • 1Movierulz
  • Movierulz.us
  • MovieRulz.St
  • 4movie rulz.vc
  • 2movierulz.sx
  • Movierulz.ol
  • Movierulz.vip
  • 3movierulz.is
  • Movierulz.ml
  • Movierulz.cov
  • MovieRulz.Gs
  • MovieRulz.Vc
  • MovieRulz.Pt
  • MovieRulz.Pl
  • 4movierulz.se
  • MovieRulz.Se
  • MovieRulz.Pc
  • 4movierulz.ai
  • 7movierulz.in
  • Movierulz.pz
  • www.movierulzlink.org
  • Movierulz.vpn
  • movierulzps.site

Similar Domains of 4Movierulz Website

  • Movierulz.vip
  • Movierulzfree
  • 4movie rulz.mn
  • Movierulz.ml
  • Movierulz2.co.in
  • 3movierulz.sx
  • Movierulz.nh
  • 3movierulz.in
  • Movierulz plz
  • Movierulz.me
  • 3movierulz.ms
  • Movierulz.wtf
  • Movierulz.ol

Available Formats On 4Movierulz Website

  • 1080p
  • 720p
  • 700p
  • 480p
  • 360p
  • 300p

Categories On 4movierulz

  • 4Movie rulz movie download
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  • New Malayalam movies download
  • Latest Hollywood movies download
  • Latest Telugu movies free download
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  • Latest Bollywood movie download
  • Malayalam movies download sites

Alternatives For 4Movierulz or Movierulz4 Website

4Movierulz or Movierulz4 website is not the only existing website in the piracy industry, and many websites promote and publish piracy. And all these websites work with the same theme, publish piracy movies, drive traffic, and cash the traffic by accepting ads. So there are tons of 4Movie rulz or Movierulz alternative websites on the internet. Most of these are dangerous to access, and we brought you a few safe websites to have a look at them and understand how they function.

Latest Movie Leaked In 4Movierulz 2023

  • Liger
  • Marakkar Lion Of The Arabian Sea
  • Sardar Udham HDRip
  • Karthikeya 2
  • Enemy HDRip Tamil Full Movie
  • The Ice Road HDRip

Legal Alternatives OTT Platforms For 4Movierulz or Movierulz.vpn Website

The whole motive of this article is to educate our audience about the piracy websites like 4Movierulz or Movierulz.vpn and encourage them to watch the movies in theatres and other legal OTT platforms. We have found a few legal OTT platforms for you to watch the movies and web series most ethically and here is the list for you.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime
  • Hulu
  • Disney Hotstar
  • Sun NXT
  • AHA

Precautions To Be Followed For Using 4Movierulz or Movierulz4 Website:

Rule number one, don’t watch pirated movies. But, if you just want to visit websites like 4Movierulz or Movierulz.vpn, please purchase a high-quality antivirus and install it properly on your PC as there are too many phishing and hacking links inserted in the ads on these websites. Never clicking an ad is rule number two and sometimes, you may not be able to access 4Movie rulz or Movierulz4 website, then use a good VPN and change your country or location, and then you will be able to access the website.


We conclude this article by saying a few important things to our visitors. 4Movierulz or Movierulz4 is a piracy website that promotes and publishes very good quality movies within no time after the release. And, for all the freebies, this is an excellent place to go, but it has its drawbacks too, like losing personal information and sometimes money. So, be careful when you deal with such websites.


The Tech Today Post team acknowledges that, we never support or encourage any piracy or illegal activities. And, this article is only for educational and awareness purposes, and we strongly advise our viewers to watch movies ethically and never rely on websites like Movierulz.vpn or 4Movierulz. Stay safe and have fun. Also, we are not responsible if you access the piracy websites and go behind bars. Our policy is to educate our audience about such websites so that they can stay away from such websites if they come across in the future and enjoy all the movies and web series legally.

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