All You Need To Know About Isaimini In 2021


There is a lot of buzz around this name Isaimini and its website in recent times. Some people speak about downloading lots of movies from this website and few others are speaking about the name change of Isaimini website to All in whole, this website has been in the news everywhere in the world of piracy. This website is very much popular among the audience who enjoy all the latest movies at absolute zero investment. Apart from other piracy websites, this website provides the best quality piracy movies in Tamil and Malayalam. Though this website is operated from Texas, its target audience is Indians, especially Tamilians(Tamil Nadu).

About Isaimini Torrents

Coming to the point. Isaimini is a piracy promoting website which pirates all the latest movies from theatres and publishes in its website and allows its users to watch and download movies. This website primarily focuses on Tamil movies. Tamil movies are the movies that are released in the southern part of India. In specific, this website focuses on the movies released in Tamil Nadu. This website is a direct competitor for websites like Tamil rockers and Tamil Yogi. 

Categories On Isaimini Website

This website has got the options to choose like Tamil 2018 movies. Tamil 2019 movies, Tamil 2020 movies and Tamil HD movies mobile. There are many categories of movies and other downloadable elements are present on this website. This website has the following categories.

  • Malayalam HD Wallpapers
  • Telugu HD Movies
  • Bollywood HD Trailers
  • Tamil Mobile Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Mp3 Songs
  • Hollywood Dubbed Movies

Mirror Sites For

There will be times when you are not allowed to access the Isaimini official website, just because of many reasons like cybersecurity teams block it, low internet strength or any other regular maintenance. Here are some alternative mirror websites to the Isaimini website that will be handy when you need an alternative. Generally, these mirror sites are the ones which have similar features and content as the original site. Mirror sites will have the same user interface and almost the same movies with the same quality. 


Isaimini App 

The Admin team of Isaimini have developed a mobile app which can be accessed on android, IOS and Smart TVs. Officially this app is also banned from all the platforms. Still, it is available on some third-party websites. If you are skilled enough to find it, you can enjoy the mobile app too. 

Why Do Isaimini And Other Websites Promote Piracy Movies?

Admins of Isaimini website or any other website are not at all interested in entertaining you. They just pirate the movies to attract the audience and boost their traffic. Here they implement their marketing strategy, they will sell their ad spaces for very high costs. Every company which has got a good marketing budget will promote their product or services in such websites. There is one more point to mention is most of the time, these ads are from hackers who generally do Ransome attacks and loot huge Ransome from civilians. So, be careful when you use this website and never click on any ads they post. One last suggestion, install a strong antivirus while using this website on your PC.

Are Isaimini And Tamilrockers The Same Or Are They Different Entities?

Isaimini is a US-based website which is an independent website and it has no relation with Tamil rockers website. This website has got too many mirror sites whose domain names start with the word Isaimini but, they will have a different word as a continuation of their domain name. So, one such website is Isaimini 

If Isaimini Is Illegal To Use, Are There Any Legal Alternative Sites?

Of course, there are plenty of websites and OTT platforms which provide all the latest movies for some basic subscription fee. Here is the list of such platforms on which you can enjoy all the movies and web series in HD quality:

  • Netflix
  • PopcornFlix
  • Youtube
  • Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime

Key Highlights About Isaimini Website

  • You can stream the movies on this website
  • Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and all other Indian movies are available on this website
  • All latest web series from Top OTT platforms are also available
  • Cracked Softwares are also available to download(Be careful while downloading and using them-Virus)
  • All latest movies are available on Isaimini in 24 hours after their official release
  • Adult and porn content is also available, keep this site away from kids and such videos got high chances to hack your PC
  • You just need a basic Torrent tool/software to download any content form Isaimini website
  • If Isaimini website is blocked in your country or ISP of your region, install a quality VPN and enjoy the movies
  • You can download high-quality songs and audio files from this website 
  • Isaimini app consumes a lot of data, so find a WIfi connection while using it


Isaimini can be a fun-filled website for few and it can be a nightmare for many. So, we suggest and advise our readers to stay away from such websites. If you still can’t resist accessing this website, install a VPN along with quality antivirus and use it. You can enjoy lots of videos and other data on this website and its UI keeps you glued to it. Even if you want to access it from your mobile device, you got a mobile app built for you. But, it’s always risky to use piracy websites.


We Tech Today Post team never promote or encourage any kind of illegal and piracy activities via our blog. We published this blog for educational purposes so that everyone who reads it can stay away from Isaimini or any other piracy websites. We are not responsible for any illegal activities or illegal activities promotions. We strongly recommend you to stay away from such websites and watch movies in theatres, OTT platforms and all other legal ways. Stay safe and have fun. 

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