5 Tips To Increase Web Traffic Through The Mobile

tips to increase web traffic

If you have a website, a blog, or an online business and you have been with it for some time, surely you have spent hours trying to find tips to increase web traffic. Increasing web traffic is not always easy, but one way to double the possibilities is to try to attract part of that traffic through mobile.

The volume of searches from the desktop computer will continue to be significant, at least for now. But mobile devices can attract other types of equally high-quality traffic. How can we work to increase website traffic through mobile?

Design adapted to a mobile most obvious thing is to have a website adapted to mobile devices, for any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. This happens by having good web development, both at the design level and at the code level.

Some blogs have it very easy, since simply installing a responsive template we can solve it. However, the more complex pages, with more pages and with a more elaborate design, will have to go to a web designer to achieve a responsive or adaptive web design.

It is also difficult to say what we should put and what not in a mobile design, but we can get an idea with this list:

  • Do not fill the screen with text; it is better only to leave the text that is relevant to the design.
  • If necessary, we can put a drop-down menu for the mobile version.
  • Maintaining the style of the web and branding, we do not want users to leave thinking that it is a different website.
  • Easy to click buttons and easy to fill boxes. Bear in mind that we must write and interact with our fingers.

And there are many more tips of this type to increase web traffic that we could mention, but we have left you these four so that you know where to start defining your web design adapted to mobile phones. Now you are surely wondering, how is this going to benefit my traffic? Surely you already imagine it. Mainly it will make your content accessible from any device. In addition, it is useless to have a thousand visits a day from your mobile if they leave after 5 seconds because your content is not seen. With this simple change, you will be able to reduce the bounce rate in this type of visit, as well as improve the user experience and the usability of your page.

Do Mobile SEO

About a year ago, Google updated its algorithm. The objective was to take into account the websites that were optimized to be viewed from the mobile. That is, with this update, when a search is made from a mobile device in Google, it will favor the websites that have a responsive design to appear in the first results.

So if you are looking to position better and increase web traffic, you know: you must adjust to mobile phones, not them to you. 

Another fundamental part is the loading speed; both in accesses from the computer and mobile devices. Google treats faster websites better, so you can rank better if you take that into account. Also think that those who visit from a smartphone, for example, will have more difficulty loading the contents of your website, since the connection is slower and the device can also affect it. That is why you should ensure that your web version is as light as possible. This way, you will be able to retain your user and improve the quality of visits.

Newsletter And Mailing Campaigns

This is one of the most important channels to increase web traffic and get leads and conversions for your website. All the emails you send to your users are key to boosting your traffic.

Suppose you wonder why the answer is very simple. Most of the emails that we receive in our inboxes are opened from mobile devices; sometimes, we even check our email several times a day. This way, we know that the potential client is likely to open our news or promotions from their mobile. We inevitably have to adapt our campaigns to mobile phones to redirect that potential to our website or to the page we want.

This is a very important source, and with a few optimizations, you can increase web traffic considerably from mobile. Knowing this, we can only determine what tricks we can apply to increase traffic with the newsletter :

The Email Subject:

yes, the subject line of an email is the most important thing. It is what largely determines whether or not the recipient will open the email itself. Take into account the length of the subject, since on mobile screens there is usually limited space for this text.

The Value Of Images VS Text:

 Although we are used to giving great importance to what we say to the user through text, the fact is that we can communicate all that and more with less text. We can do this by giving importance to the images and visual content of the email. Images, gifs, even videos gain relevance here since, at a glance, we communicate a single idea. Besides that, it is much easier to understand than reading a text on such a small screen.

Calls To Action:

 where you want to drive traffic CFIA? Well, get the click that your user makes is on the link or button that you want. Try using a ‘call to action’ to direct attention where you want. Look at this example of a Semrush newsletter in which they include two different “call to action”.

Versatile Design:

 It’s not to mention responsive or adaptive. The clear thing is that the design we use must be accessible from all mobile devices and be read properly. You will have to pay attention above all the layout and size of the contents.

Social Channels

Another channel that can increase web traffic is social media, be it networks like Facebook or Twitter, but also forums and pages with social content. Most of the accesses are also made from the mobile. The average user consults their social networks at least three times a day. And he makes use of them to give his opinion on brands and products.

If you have a well-nourished database, then you can work on the contents and redirect them to your site when they consult their timeline from their means of transport. Take advantage of these free channels to retain your customers and followers, and you will get an increase in traffic.

Active Marketing Strategies

All of these strategies tell how to optimize something that you are probably already doing. You already had a design; you already did SEO, you were already on social networks; you just had to optimize your strategy. In the same way that you surely invest money in advertising.

But this time we ask you to do something different, to give your strategy a twist and think mobile and in an original way. There are many ways to invest in a strategy that is more active, more aggressive (without harassing the user, of course), and focused on the mobile. Do you want to hear some strategies?

First, you should know that the SMS has not died. Although most of us send very few text messages due to the rise of messaging applications, the truth is that as with ordinary mail, when we receive a letter or an SMS, it is a surprise, we are even ‘excited’. This is where using a mass texting app will come in real handy.

On the other hand, online advertising is the order of the day, also advertising on mobile phones and applications, learn to manage paid ads on mobile devices, and you will be able to reach a very valuable audience that accesses services and products through mobile phones.

More and more videos are product highly consumed by mobile users. The virality of these contents can become the ideal means to publicize your brand as long as it is not in a highly advertising way. Take the first step and create audiovisual content.

Finally, we also have to mention the case of creating an app for your business and maintaining a flow of notifications to your client. In this way, you will not only be able to generate ‘engagement’, but you will get regular traffic and more leads in addition to achieving complete mobile integration by having its own application.

Getting the mobile channel to bring us traffic and sales is not complicated if we have the right tools. We must know how to optimize our efforts so that our strategy is effective for both desktop and mobile access.

If you really find it interesting to pay attention to your mobile audience or increase your traffic through this channel, then you have to start redefining your strategy right away. What strategies do you use to attract mobile traffic to your website? What is the one that has worked best for you to date?

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