How To Write Compelling Email Items For Customers To Open?

Compelling Email

For many, irrelevant, but this is a key factor! Based on it, the customer decides whether to open the email or not. This is the subject of the email, the first text that immediately catches the eye. If the customer is not interested, the email will end up in the trash. How to prevent it?

Whether the recipient reads or deletes your email is determined primarily by two things: the sender of the email and its subject. Although we don’t change the sender, we can give the item one that directly intoxicates the recipient. It pays to set aside enough time to prepare it. If the recipient likes it, you have won. This will increase the number of those who open your email and thus the chances of a new business or other cooperation.

How to write attractive email items:


You can either send the email as an organization, or you can send it as a specific person from the company. As the HubSpot test has shown, you get more openings when you send an email that lists a specific person. You can add a signature to the body of the email, and customers will also appreciate the photo. Such email looks friendly, trustworthy and personal. It also helps to address the name in the subject, or in the body of the email itself. The recipient will thus gain a sense of uniqueness and will think that only he received the email.

TIP: Properly chosen words have great power. If you combine personalization with a sense of importance, you score. Try the following phrases: “Selected customers only”, “Private invitation,” or “Special offer just for you.”

Short and concise subjects

It is not worth wasting words. The length of the subject should be around 30-70 characters. It should be taken into account that a large percentage of emails are opened via a mobile phone, where the number of characters is limited. That is why the subject should be clear, concise and comprehensible.

Reveal the content in the subject

While mysterious objects, of which it is not clear exactly what they are, may be interesting, the betrayed content may also catch the eye. For example, you can send business owners an email subject to “5 Ways to Increase Your Business Revenue.” This method works when you know the needs of your readers well and know what they want.

Use numbers

The use of numbers arouses the desire to learn more. They are specific, present easy-to-read content, and attract attention. The numbers express a value that you can easily imagine without a lot of other words. They also look visual – using numbers will help you differentiate yourself from the amount of words in your mailbox.

TIP: Interestingly, people react more to odd numbers than to even numbers.


Arouse curiosity and ask a question directly in the subject. You will lure the reader by opening the email. However, the content of the email should offer him the answer to the question, otherwise the email will lose its effect. Formulate the question so that the reader does not answer it only in one word: yes or no. Otherwise, he has no reason to open the email. Therefore, it is good to encourage him to express his opinion. Good are types of questions like “What do you think about it?” “What do you think it should look like?”

Be original

It is not harmful to spice up the subject of the email with a pinch of humor and creativity. If he makes the reader laugh, you win. You will definitely not miss the entire content of the email. Be interesting and use, for example, one word: “Why?” Or simply: “Thank you”. This type of item can work with a specific sender’s name. Then it is clear who specifically asks or thanks. Although it may seem pointless at first glance, the one-word subject of the email will surprise and arouse curiosity. This will give your email room to stand out.

TIP: Using a suitable symbol, for example in the form of emoticons, can differentiate your email from others whose recipient has a full mailbox. It will add the necessary emotion to the email or replace the whole word. Attention, just one symbol! Rather, more symbols discourage readers.

What to avoid?

Mistakes that can deprive readers of your attention and emails will go to the trash:

  • Empty email subject – looks untrustworthy and frivolous.
  • Long text in a subject – less is more, build on a concise and clear subject.
  • Lies – You can entice the reader with an engaging and misleading item, but after opening an email where they find out the truth, they can easily unsubscribe or never open your emails again. Do not take risks and provide true information. The subject should match the content.
  • Capital letters and exclamation points – emphasizing the subject will attract attention, but don’t overdo it, otherwise it loses its meaning. Just one exclamation mark and capital letters for one or at most two words.
  • You don’t keep your promises – did you offer to download an e-book in exchange for registration? In that case, send it to the applicant. Keep sending him emails that follow up on the topic he registered for. Otherwise, if you include it with a number of offers that are not related to it at all, the result will be a large number of unsubscribed.

Test and do statistics

As with content, it’s always worth testing when creating an item. Don’t be afraid to try new things and be brave, creative and different from others. Over time, you’ll find out what your readers like and respond to as much as possible. Each company has its own defined group of customers, which may be different. Keep track of statistics, focus on the openness of your emails, don’t forget to track the number of unsubscribes, and pay attention to feedback. What language or form do you know to communicate with your customers through testing and constant testing?

Certain principles must be followed in email communication. You will not only make the business card the subject of the email. Other rules for writing and sending emails are also important, which you can read about in the next blog post.

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