How To Make a Fascinating About page

Fascinating About page

Creating a website around to, About page or About Us page is made to the important part regardless of industry.

The names may be different, such as “About,” “About XX,” “Story,” “Mission,” and “Company Profile,” but the primary purpose of this page is to convey the brand’s ” personality .”

If your site visitors want to know more about your brand, look for this page first.

Unfortunately, the About page is often treated as a duty rather than a value. But in reality, it’s a great opportunity to connect with your customers and market your company’s or brand’s vision, mission, and story.

About Page Essence

The problem with many About pages is that they are “attachments”. A link is embedded around the footer of the site, and when you click it, you’ll see a rush to write about the company.

The About page should look like a sales page with goals set. You need to focus on your story and the brand’s biggest selling points.

“If you want a quick understanding of your brand, a link to the About page should suffice.”

Unlike other pages, the About page is an ideal page that can serve multiple purposes at the same time.

  • Tell a story about your business and why you started it.
  • Explain who the business is for and what it is for.
  • Explain the business model and the product manufacturing process.
  • Place people who will be the face of the business, such as founders and team members.
  • Incorporate persuasive content that tends to be cluttered, such as commentary videos, infographics, and links to blogs.

In other words, the About page is (1) the center of the founding story, (2) emphasizes the advantages of the business, and (3 ) answers the questions that new customers may have ( other than the question ” Why should I buy this product? ” ). It will be a sales promotion page.

Our customers, what is the reason to buy from?

How To Write About Page: Template

The best About pages reach your goals by telling stories about your brand.

Like all stories, the About page also needs a protagonist. This will often be you or your founding team. Alternatively, you can characterize the business itself and tell a unique story.

Either way, the story tells a “change.” It starts at one point and ends at another. As the reader scrolls, it needs to change that way.

Follow the formula below to compose the story on the About page.

  • Scene Settings: Introduce characters or settings to present “natural” and “facts” for you, your target audience, and the industry.
  • The appearance of tasks: I will explain the problems that you (the main character) will face.
  • Challenge content: Write about what you did to find a solution (eg starting a business) and the difficulties in the process.
  • Reaching a Solution: Learn how your business can reach its goals and the milestones it has taken.
  • Future outlook: Describe your company‘s vision of the future, or your mission and goals.

All in all, it looks like this:

About page story template

[(Founder)] has started [(Company)] for [(Explanation of problems in the industry)].

That is the reason for [(until we arrive at a solution)].

In the process, there was [(sharing milestones and achievements)].

We would like to do [(statement of the future mission)].

If you write the actual copy in the first person (me, us, us, etc.), you can create a sense of familiarity with the audience. The About page is about you, so there’s no reason to be shy.

If you think about these items and fill them in, you will have a skeleton of the story (you do not have to use it as a copy as it is ). Include it on the About page.

But the story is just the starting point. A good About page does not just “tell” the story, but “shows” it.

The elements introduced below are useful not only for fleshing out the story, but also for defining the brand and appealing for the company’s raison d’etre, and are recommended to be included in the About page.

Elements You Want To Include In Your Page Design

business Model

For some companies, the business model can be USP ( Unique Selling Proposition). Therefore, it is worth introducing on the About page as a selling point.

Here is an example.

  • How to get rid of brokers and return profits to customers
  • How to procure materials for goods (eg manufacturing in a specific country, creating jobs in a certain community, etc.)
  • Breakdown of revenue donated to charity

Transparency is a weapon for brands. The About page is a great opportunity to show transparency by summarizing the relevance of supply chains, business structures, and missions.

It is easy to implement by using illustrations that simply express the business model. hashtag, for example, illustrates how a business works by eliminating middlemen.

Media Publication, Recommended Words, Award History

Put reviews, media listings, user-generated content, and more on the About page to share the facts that are impacting consumers and the industry.

There are many ways to incorporate social proof into your page. You can embed the product user’s Instagram gallery, show the logo of the published publication, or select and post a part of the customer review.

Media coverage and awards are commonly available milestones that tell the middle of the story.

Exact number

The numbers bring credibility. This is especially true when explaining the challenges you are trying to solve or what you have achieved in your business (eg, the number of products sold, years of business, etc.).

Consider including numbers on your About page that you can use to assert your company’s mission, quantify the impact of your business, and so on.

When explaining industry issues early in the story or highlighting milestones at the climax of the story, incorporating relevant numbers into the story makes the message more effective and compelling.

Team Introduction

By connecting a realistic human image to your brand, you can convey the culture of the company and make the people who are the driving force of your business shine.

Even if only the founder can feature it, you can reflect it on the About page to express your brand’s personality and tell how your story and experience make your company market-friendly. Is it possible?

Video or Photo Gallery

If possible, I would like to diversify the media used for the About page to make it more diverse and disperse the text.

At the very least, put a high-quality behind-the-scenes photo so you can see inside your business. Or, if you’re focusing on making videos that give you a good idea of your story or product, it’s a good idea to put them together on the About page.

Link, CTA

The About Us page is also responsible for taking visitors to the next step. It is also possible to connect to other pages of the website, blogs, and SNS.

Think of ways to guide your visitors to your next destination, such as embedding relevant links in your copy.

  • Follow your SNS account
  • Subscribe to the mail list
  • Check the product
  • Applying for a company job
  • Read the blog

5 excellent About Page Examples

The About page is nothing more than a page about you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow ideas from elsewhere. Many parts can be referred to in terms of structure and design.

The following examples show different design efforts. I have posted a screenshot of the entire page, so please refer to the relationship between the overall layout and information and images when creating your own page.

Kakimori: Letter To Customers

First of all, let’s take a look at Kakimori ‘s About page. It tells the story and feelings in the form of a letter to the customer. Since the handwritten letter is imaged, it not only tells the story but also expresses the feelings and appearance when using the actual product.

Below the letter section, the relationship between Kakimori and the community and society is also explained, and the impact of the brand on the world is also introduced.

Miura Takuya Shoten: Self-Introduction And Experiences Of The Founder

On the other hand, the story of Miura Takuya Shoten begins with a photo of the founder, Mr. Miura, and his own diet experience. By having the store stand in the same line of sight as the customer, the customer will become more familiar with the store.

It also tells us what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how we can help our customers.

Page design should be noted here that, 3 is that it can be decomposed into two sections. This will help you organize your About page.

  1. Who are you
  2. What are you selling
  3. Why are you doing

Kurasu: Diary & Personal Branding

Kurasu organizes the About page as if he were writing his own diary. He tells the story of his entrepreneurship, like a summarized autobiography, and then tells his thoughts on coffee in the section titled “What is coffee to me?”

For entrepreneurs who have a personalized plan that suits their business, this style works well. Position your business as a chapter in a big story and invite your readers as characters at the end of the story.

+ CLOTHET: Start With WHY

The essence of a brand can be conveyed by the feeling and meaning behind its name. So it’s a good idea to tell why you named your business as a way to start telling a story.

+ CLOTHET takes this approach and first explains the origin of the brand name. And in the rest of the story, the philosophy and sales mechanism are introduced.

BASE FOOD: Tell The Story Like a Cartoon

BASE FOOD brand introduction of the page in the founder of Hashimoto’s to introduce the experience in touch, such as the comic, tells the corporate philosophy and mission.

By introducing it in a manga style, it makes the reader feel like “let’s read a little” and makes it easier to convey the mission and philosophy of the company.

The Story Gets Better

When you get started, you may feel that there isn’t much to say on the About page.

But if you can understand why you are serving your customers from a certain point of view, it’s a good starting point. As we grow in the future, we will be able to increase milestones and improve the About page.

If you’ve already published your story well, it makes sense to check the analytics on how many regular visits you make to the About page.

Think of the About page as a valuable online asset for your business and take advantage of it!

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