5 Patterns Of Business Process Optimization

Business Process Optimization

Optimization of business processes gives a powerful impetus to the development of any company, be it a Canadian online casino or an ice cream company. We’ve highlighted five basic templates to help you get started with transformations. We suggest analyzing these ideas using an example of a real process and see how it will change.

Idea 1. Compression Of Responsibility

The essence of this idea is to stop splitting work into many extremely simple operations. This is typical of companies with functional management, whose employees, like cogs, are responsible for performing only their individual tasks. When leaders, using the method of describing processes, try to organize and structure work, they have to use a large variety of areas of responsibility. This greatly complicates the process.

In the meantime, to meet modern requirements for quality of service, flexibility, and low costs, it is necessary to maintain consistency and simplicity of business processes. Instead of setting many simple tasks, you can expand the areas of responsibility of your specialists.

As A Result:

  • Less work is passed from hand to hand – fewer mistakes, delays, and rework.
    Decreases the cost of managing processes.
  • Independent decision-making smooths out the hierarchical organizational structure and promotes employee development.
  • Responsibility for the result gives the right way to motivate staff.

Idea 2. Transformation Of The Process Logic

If the process is divided into many simple tasks, it usually proceeds sequentially. Problems are solved one after another, which is generally logical. But not always fast. After several approvals and alterations, the work is sometimes delayed so that the result no longer suits anyone and you have to redo everything again.

A simple solution is to parallelize the execution of operations where possible. So that some tasks of the enterprise are solved simultaneously.

Idea 3. Specialization Of Processes

Another way to improve performance is to create multiple scenarios of the same process according to the requirements of different markets or different inputs. In our example, the optimization of business processes in the organization can be performed by introducing a new route for a quick response to large customers. We divided all complaints into 2 types – standard and high priority applications. The processing of the latter is carried out according to an escalated scheme.

Of course, optimization of business processes in an enterprise by introducing new routes and sub-processes is not a dogma and it is not necessary to organize work in this way. However, do not be afraid to classify tickets, enter different categories of data, and set up several scripts of the same process that will run simultaneously.

Idea 4. Reducing Control And Approvals

The goal of business optimization is to reduce costs, increase the speed and quality of work. For this, it is necessary to fight bureaucracy in the processes. Remove all unnecessary checks and control operations from them. Although it can be difficult for companies to take this step.

As A Result:

  • Cumulative or deferred controls are used instead of rigorous process checks.
  • The risks of abuse are offset by lower process costs and increased speed.
  • Process instances are still available for analytics and reporting. If the performer understands that the abuse can be detected as part of the audit, he will think twice before committing such an action. This does not require coordination at every step.

Idea 5. Reducing Cyclicality

This idea serves as a kind of continuation of the previous pattern associated with reducing the number of checks and approvals. The fact is that with frequent alterations and improvements loop processes – the efficiency of the enterprise decreases. The idea is to replace linear checks (if unavoidable) with business rules. This approach is justified in the case when inspections are of the nature of a routine operation and do not exercise the “organizational power” of the controller.

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