How Can You Avoid Losing Your Business Data?

Losing Your Business Data

Sometimes we can think that our computers are invulnerable and that at no time we can lose data. How to avoid losing your company data due to a computer problem? The truth is that many times the user is the most vulnerable part of the process, so it is not unusual for many small and medium-sized companies to end up having problems with the protection of the integrity of their data.

That you have your company data stored on a computer or on several computers is not the determining factor. The point is that your data is secure enough so that, even in the event of an eventuality such as a fire or a flood, your business information is never lost.

The Keys To Not Losing Your Business Data

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is having their business information out of order. It is one thing to take care of our database and inventory, and quite another than documents such as contracts, invoices, delivery notes, etc. are ordered and protected.

Let’s see some tips that can help you avoid the loss of information in your company.

Create External Backups

It seems logical, but many companies do not apply it. It is necessary to create backup copies external to the hard disk and hardware that we are using. But these external copies should not only be external to our own computers but to other devices that are on the company’s premises.

Simply because a USB memory or external hard drive can be damaged, stolen, lost, or rendered useless after a fire, your backups should not be in the same place that you usually are.

Create A Culture Of Safety

As we said before, the user is sometimes the most vulnerable element of the chain. Quite simply, because we make mistakes that are specially designed for us to fall, they send us an e-mail with an important message from the Treasury or Social Security, but then it turns out that it is not from these institutions, but from someone who wants us to give them our data.

Having a culture of safety in the company will help us to be cautious and not take matters as important as user behaviour lightly.

Work If You Can Save In The Cloud

Only large companies with a large infrastructure, which can have their own hardware and their own security measures, can afford not to use the cloud for everything. Bear in mind that there are many large companies that are not interested in storing sensitive information and data in the cloud. 

But small and medium businesses that are not investing anything in the security of their own computers and servers should use it more. Distrusting the cloud right now is much more irrational than having our data stored in it.

Take Care Of Your Computers

The data that is stored on our own computers are located in physical places, not virtual ones. If our hard drives are damaged for any reason, the information that is located inside can be damaged or become unsafe. In this sense, it seems logical that to protect the data of your company, you also have to protect the hardware.

We don’t know when hardware issues will occur. But from experience, they tend to arise when computers are older and not effectively maintained. With a computer maintenance service, you can make sure that your equipment is in good condition.

Take Care Of Your Passwords

Incredible behaviour is seen in some companies, such as the boss handing over passwords for important programs to any employee, even if they don’t have that role. Wouldn’t we give our house keys to just anyone? Well, we must be clear that a password is like a key.

Nor should we use keys and locks that can be easily imitated or forged. That is why it is very important that you protect your computers and backups with strong and hard-to-guess passwords.

Keep The Information Organized And Structured

Disorder in the management of company data is often synonymous with a lack of security. Is your data replicated on many different computers? You may not lose the data, but when you want to locate it, you will waste a lot of time trying to figure out where you left it.

Losing information due to lack of backup copies is as bad as the fact that your company’s information is not locatable. Make sure your business data is always locatable and well ordered.

 With cloud backup service, you can have your company data safe. 

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