5 Tips To Rank Your Website To The First Position In Search Engines

position their website in search engines

One of the needs of many clients is to try to position their website in search engines. The mere fact of having a website is not enough to sell on the Internet. You need it to be well-positioned in Google search rankings so that it can have enough organic searches.

Although SEO positioning is not the only way to sell online, it is a tool that generates very good long-term results. We want you to understand the importance of positioning your website with these five tips that we are going to comment on.

The Five Key Tips For Positioning Your Website In Search Engines

Many companies do not know very well how to start positioning their website on the Internet. The reason is that sometimes they do not know very well how SEO works and what they have to do to appear in the first results of Google.

The truth is that this, right off the bat, can be much more difficult than it seems. It all depends at the end of how many search commands there are for a keyword, the competition there is, the quality of our website and a large number of other factors. But not everyone is clear about it.

In this sense, the best way to position a website is to pay attention to these five fundamental elements.

1. Improve The Technical SEO Of Your Website

if your website is slow, it will not generate good results. If from a technical point of view it is not well developed, has programming errors or there are elements that are not Google Friendly, then it is normal that you have a lot of problems to position your website.

Here it no longer depends on the content you have, or on how many links you put into it. If your page causes users to flee as soon as they enter, because it is not easily accessible, then you have to improve the design of your website, in particular with regard to technical SEO.

This implies using WPO (Web Performance Optimization) measures so that your website can perform well and generate better results.

2. Internal SEO And Structure

Another basic element that must be taken into account for the positioning of a website in Google is internal SEO. This implies creating a web structure that has good usability, at the same time that we optimize the contents of each of the pages so that they are positioned well.

This is impossible to do if we don’t do a keyword study first. When we analyze the keywords for which we want to position ourselves and the level of searches, then we can have a clearer image of how we should act.

Improving internal SEO implies, for example, optimizing the meta-titles, meta-description and the contents of each of the URLs that you want to position. But also remove from the ranking the URLs that you do not want to appear in Google. This can be done with the robots.txt file you do not need to delete those pages if necessary.

3. External SEO Or Link-Building

External SEO consists of actions that we carry out from outside the page and that help to build its authority and enhance its relevance. If your website hardly receives links, Google will interpret that the page is not interesting enough and will tend to position it worse. But be careful, because this does not mean that the more links you have, the better.

There are many people who have done link-building on their websites but have obtained a penalty from Google. Google is getting smarter, and it is clear that if we place too many links, or always abuse the same keywords, in the end, what we will get is a penalty.

To do link-building SEO, you need to work with SEO professionals who know how to do this job.

4. Social Networks

Social networks are also an essential element of any SEO strategy. Think that the links you get from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can help you position the articles on your website, for example.

In this line, you are interested in having your website shared and shared with the contents of your website.

5. The User

In this list of tips, we don’t want to forget about the most important element of all when doing SEO. The user is the king of positioning, if the user is not comfortable on your website, that is reflected in your statistics. Google’s algorithm knows when a website is not user-friendly, and that will ultimately have repercussions on your positioning.

Therefore, think that not everything is a question of what keywords I use, but if I am adding value to the user if the content that I generate on my website is really useful. Is the content of your website useful? We hope these five tips have been useful to you to learn a little more about the world of SEO. 

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